Thursday, November 19, 2009

Christmastimes A'Coming!!!!!

Our Tree is up! Our neighbor has had theirs up since October, so Emily has asked me a million times to put ours up. Chris came home from work last Friday and Em convinced him to get it out and put it up! She was so excited!

Gracie was not too sure at first, but once she realized that she could play with the ornaments, she was all about it!

I love this face!

Saturday, we put the ornaments on it, which is Em's favorite part!

Emily gets all of her favorite ornaments just where she wants them.

My tree is definitely nothing to write home about but we enjoy putting it up every year. You should see my neighbors!! It really is the most beautiful tree I have ever seen! I have a lot of ornaments that are special to me and I hang them as high as I can. I then hang all the ones that I don't mind the girls playing with along the bottom. The only problem is that Emily doesn't want Gracie playing with any of them. Oh well!

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