Thursday, September 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Claire!

Saturday the girls were invited to their friend Claire's 5th birthday.  Ashley had it at a place that is usually used for gymnastics and cheerleader things and I have to say the kids LOVED IT!! They just ran and played and jumped to their hearts content! 

Okay, this pit of foam was fun to jump in, but a NIGHTMARE  to get out of!!! Emily and I jumped in and of course she jumped right out! I've never felt so helpless in my whole life!  At one point I thought about just staying in there!  I think I would have been able to get out easier if I would have had jeans on.  Next time, I'm going to wear more comfortable clothes.

The next day at church, Ashley said the cake was falling apart because it was so hot.  But none the less, it was good!

Not real sure what Gracie is saying to Taylor, but I'm sure it has something to do with her being an Auburn fan.  haha

Em and Henley about to take the plunge into the foam. 

Emily and the "Birthday Girl" Claire

A fun time was had by all!  One of the Mom's suggested that we have a girl's night at this place!  I loved that idea and can't wait!  It ought to be interesting!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Our weekend and a Dr. visit

This blog post is dedicated to my friend Stephanie, who reprimanded me for not blogging enough.  I should have named my blog "Angie's Not So Daily News".  But in my defense we've come off a very busy weekend.  I have a one track mind and  blogging was pushed to the back.  Plus my pictures are kind of all over the place, but we go. 

We had a yard sale Saturday with my neighbors across the street.  So most of Friday night and Saturday was devoted to that. Thank you Mom, Cheryl and Earl for helping with the girls Friday and Saturday.  Plus the fact that Chris put sod down in the front yard made the weekend a little more tiring.  For the record, I laid sod for a total of 2 hours (1 hour on Friday and 1 hour on Saturday- thank you Lord the girls had a birthday party to go to) and let me tell you, hard labor isn't the life for me! But I must thank my neighbor Eddie, Chris' dad Earl, and all the neighbors from down the street that came to help.  It would have taken FOREVER without you and we just can't thank you enough.  Now if only it would rain!!!!  But it looks so good!

Gracie found her a yard sale treasure (and her sister's shoes).

And to be honest, I was going to sell some of the girl's toys in the YS, but when I started dragging them out, they wanted to play with them. So we kept a few.

And today was Gracie 2 Year check up.  I was kind of nervous of how she would act due to the fact that the last time she saw a Dr. was in the ER, but no need to worry.  She was great!

She weights 30.2 lbs and is 33 inches tall.  And just PERFECT from head to toe!

The bad part was that she had to get a shot.  BOO!  But she got over it real fast, but has just wanted to lay around since we got home.  I'm sure she'll be back to her old self tomorrow.

Hope everyone has a great day!  

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Ain't She Cute!

Yesterday was busy from the word go!  Gracie and I had several errands to run before we picked up Emily at school and started our "Tuesday afternoon run". 

I put this little outfit on Gracie and just fell in love with her all over again!  Thanks Aunt Tessa for finding this dress for me. I decided to take Gracie on an impromptu photo shoot, but when I got to this new location that I found, there was a Mom's group there for the day, so this was the only pictures I got to take. 

It makes me realize how fast she is growing.  She looks like a big girl.  Then she got her blankets and passy to head out the door.  I call her Linus. 

Monday, September 13, 2010

The Best Weekend

Why was our weekend so good?  We really didn't have anything to do!  I love lazy weekends!

Friday, Gracie and I were reading a book and I got up answer the phone.  When I came back, this is what I found. 

We have started potty training.  Please wish us luck!

I have kissed this face a 100 times this weekend.

Hope you have a great Monday!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

With Emily in school, Gracie and I have had to get into a new routine.  Here are a few of our highlights.

We play dress up.

We snack.  Gracie calls snack cakes "birthday cakes". For some reason she is telling me off in this picture and I'm not sure why.

Have a little craft time

We've been to story time once.  We just found out today that there is one much closer to the house, so we plan to visit it soon.

We've been shopping with family

Had nap time.

And we've read a few books.

Gracie and I have a blast, but I have to admit that this is ONE of my favorite parts of the day......

I love these little stinkers.

Monday, September 6, 2010

A Big Mess

Friday morning, this is what my front yard looked like. 

Now this afternoon, this is what it looks like. 

Looks rough huh?  Since we moved into our house, we've had a problem with water standing in the front yard when it rains.  This year hasn't been so bad because we haven't had as much rain, so while it was dry Chris decided to fix the problem.  His friends Jeremy, Jess and Hollis came and put French drains in and they think is will solve the problem.  It looks bad now but when Chris gets finished it will look great.  We can't wait to plant some trees in the front yard!  So if you come by our place be pardon the mess. 

These little sweeties got up pretty early to watch the guys work.  Aren't they the cutest you've ever seen? 

Later all!!! 

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Love Thy Neighbor

Hello all!  I hope you are having a great weekend.  The weather around our neck of the woods is wonderful. Beautiful blue skies, cool breeze and lots of sunshine!  Who could ask for anything more? 

I must admit that even with the great weather, I'm not feeling my best.  First off, I haven't slept much the past four nights, and as a girl who loves her sleep I am feeling a bit drug down. Mix that with a head cold and you get a big fat BOO!  But as all you Mom's know, sick days are nonexistent! We got up yesterday and piddled around the house.  Chris got up early to hunt for some antique fishing lures, so by the time he got home, I had a nice little honey do list for him.  He got to most of it, but Alabama's first game was coming on, so we headed down to the neighbor's house. 

I've said this before, but I love our neighborhood!  From day one, everyone was so welcoming and I believe we are all like family.  Anytime you need something, all you have to do is call and I love it! 

We headed down to Bart and Angela's house and they had a huge spread of food! They ladies sat outside for a little bit to watch the kids play. 

Gracie with her cup of ice. 

The kids started a football game of their own.  At the far right is my little cheerleader cheering everyone on.

 Rabbit ears!

When it started getting dark we went inside to watch the game.  The guys were already in there holding down the fort. 

Chris and Angela

Tammy, Gracie and Carl

Shasta and Eddie

We stayed till about 9 and then Gracie started breaking down so we headed home. 

Getting the girls bathed last night was like putting a cat in water.  No one was happy, but we pushed through and made it to Sunday.  We went to eat after church with some couples from our Sunday school class.  I bought my camera with the intent of taking a few pictures, but lets just say Gracie was not the best.  I hate to use the term "Terrible 2's" because it wasn't terrible but it SURE wasn't easy.  But I guess going out at nap time had a lot to do with it.  Despite the unhappy two year old, we had a great time!  Again everyone is so sweet and welcoming, that you can't help but have a good time. 

Well, Gracie is napping and Chris and Emily are outside enjoying the weather.  Hopefully, Gracie will be up soon so we can join them. 

Enjoy your Labor Day! 

Friday, September 3, 2010

Are You Ready For Some Football!

Tomorrow is a big day around the country because it's the beginning of college football!  I know it really started Thursday, but no one I really care about was playing on Thursday.  But Bama plays tomorrow and our neighbor has invited everyone down to see the game.  We live in the best neighborhood and fall is when we get together the most. 

With game day being tomorrow, the girls dressed in their Crimson best today. 

Chris' Mom and Dad wanted to pick Emily up from school today and take the girls home with them.  This is their first time to pick Em up so I rode with them to show them what door to go to and kind of how the car riders do things.  Cheryl painted me an Alabama picture frame to give Emily's teacher because she graduated from there and we just wanted to do something sweet for her to let her know how much we appreciate her.  When we pulled up in the car line, I rolled down the window to say something to her and before I could say anything, Gracie yelled out, "Hey Martinez"!  And might I add she yelled it really loud! It was so funny.  And we we got ready to pull off, Gracie yelled, "Bye Martinez!".  I smile every time I think about it.  She is such a mess. 

Well, I hope you all have a great Friday!  And I hope whatever team you pull for wins tomorrow!! 

Go Bama!

Roll Tide!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Sometimes It's Okay To Be A Follower

Okay y'all, with school starting my blogging has taken a major hit.  Not that I've not taken any pictures because I have taken a ton, but because I have been so busy.  I thought that with Emily at school I would have all this free time.  Gracie and I would play, I would clean a little, go eat lunch with friends and remember what it was like to have just one child (if only for a few short hours a day).  But that is not the case.  How you working mothers do I'll never know and my hats off to you all!!!! 
 I have cleaned out every possible area of my house.  I have played with Gracie and we have done a lot of counting and singing.  With Emily starting kindergarten I have realized that I should have worked on phonics more with her, so Gracie and I talk about a new letter sound everyday.  Her favorite is the "C" sound. 

The reason for this blog post is to encourage all the folks that read my blog, to be a little dear and sign up as a follower.  It's not hard and will only take a minute. I think if you just click the "follow" button, it will walk you through what to do.  No "CRAZIES" please! 
And to those of you who already follow my blog, feel free to suggest it to someone else.  Again, please no crazies! 

Hope you all are having a great week.  Hey, it's almost Friday!  Are you ready for some FOOTBALL!!!