Sunday, May 29, 2011

School's Out For The Summer!!!!!!

Emily's first year at "big school" has come to an end!!!! And let me tell you, it has gone by so fast! Last Monday they had Awards Day for Emily's grade.  She made all A's the whole year! Her family is very proud of her! 

Thanks to Gran, Aunt Tessa, Grandmother, Pop, Aunt Maggie and Sophie Clare for coming. 

After the program they had a party in Em's classroom. 

They had a ton of snacks!!!  Cake, chips, and ice cream sundaes with all the toppings!!!  Mrs. Martinez is helping Em with her sundae.

Gran and Em

Aunt Tessa and Em

Allie and Em

Em and Carly

It has been a great year!!!  Emily has made lots of new friends and learned bunches!!!  She can read and do math (which I hope she never had trouble with).   I can't believe she is headed to First Grade!!!!   My sweet baby is growning up so fast!

Early Birthday!

My sweet angel Emily turns 6 in June, but because all her school friends scatter during the Summer, I decided to have her "friend" party before school let out.  We have been to several painting parties this year and they were so much fun, so that's what we decided to go with. 

I can't believe we were celebrating Emily's 6th birthday!!!!  These years have gone by so fast!

I let Emily decided the menu for the day.  My sweet girl made it easy on me by wanting a cookie cake and Doritos. 

Emily is all into butterflies so Melissa, our artist, taught the girls how do paint one.

We had the perfect outside space for it. Now it was a little "warm" but ideal for the party.

My neice Sophie Clare.

Gracie was going for more of the abstract look.

My neice Robin.

The whole gang.

Present time!

My Daddy and my SIL Tessa.

Gran, G-daddy and their girls

Pop and Grandmother

Me and Em

It was a stress free day.  We are going to have a family birthday party on Em's actual Birthday, but it was fun having all her "girl friends" over. 

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday is always a busy morning.  But you have to make time for the Easter baskets. 

Gracie loved hers.  I told them they could eat anything they wanted in there basket until they put their dresses on, and then there was no more candy.

My sweet little angles.

It's always hard to get a group shot of everyone.

After church we went to my Mother's house.  My Mom made the best dinner and the weather was perfect!  We stayed outside most of the afternoon.

Jenny and her girls got there just in time to hunt eggs.  Em giving Kate a helping hand with the eggs.


Ava Caroline


Gracie was not having a great hair day!  ha ha

Notice my two are pusing and shoving each other!  They will fight over air, but then love each other to death!

It was the perfect family day. 

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Finding Eggs

I know I'm way behind on blogging, but since the recent weather events I've had a hard time getting back to blogging.  So many have lost so much.  Friends have lost family members or their homes, so please say a prayer for the many in Alabama that are going through this terrible time. 

Now on a much lighter note.....back to happier times.

We went back to your old church for a visit and let the girls hunt Easter eggs.  Gracie and Emily had a great time.

Sophie Clare


Maggie got SC a rabbit for Easter.  His name is RaRa.  Emily decided to name him Clover. 

He's a very handsome boy.