Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Happy 10 Months Gracie

Gracie's 10 month birthday was actually on Sunday, but it rained and messed up my plan for outside pictures. We had our photo shoot this morning and I had to work real hard to get a few good ones.
I'm telling you this baby is such a sweetheart. Many folks tell me they have never heard her cry, and I hate to brag, but she doesn't much. She is "crawling" everywhere now. Her crawl is like none other I have seen before....it's more like a scoot. She can say Momma, Da Da, Up, Ugh-O, Hello (sometimes), waive bye bye, and clap. I am teaching her to say "one" and hold up her finger....that will be her big trick at her 1st Birthday party. She is sleeping all night, but as soon as I brag on her, she will be up all night. She loves baths and playing with her toys. Her smile could melt the coldest of hearts, and I'm in love with everything about her. Thank you Lord for this beautiful baby!!!

After our photo shoot, I had to get some cleaning done. My sis-in-law, Maggie gives Sophie Clare Popsicle and she says they really keep her busy. Well, anything Maggie does I will try, so I gave Gracie the Popsicle in hopes that I could clean my kitchen.

She liked it for about a second....and then everything went South!!!
Oh well, I guess she didn't like lemon!!! I think where I went wrong was not putting the Popsicle in her teether, but by the time I realized it, she didn't want the teether or the Popsicle. So much for cleaning the kitchen.
Later All!! I hope I have something interesting for you tomorrow.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Wild Weekend!! HA HA!!

Our "wild weekend" started Friday night. Emily went to a birthday party for a school friend of hers, Henley. Henley's mom Amy decided to have it at the city sprinklers and Emily had the best time. Amy brought bubbles and sidewalk chalk so if the kids didn't want to get in the water, they had an alternative choice. It was such a good idea.....I think we may do this next year!!!

When we got home from the party, we had our weekly neighborhood meeting. Everyone gathers out in the street and talks about whatever. Eddie brought this lobster float out for the girls to sit in. Gracie loved it because she didn't have to sit in the grass.

Saturday, Emily and I decided that we needed a little "us"time. Emily loves to paint, and although we do that at home(and she does it at Grandmother's)she never gets tired of it. She chose an angel to paint, and it was the most colorful angel I have ever seen.

Emily will not look at the camera!!!

Saturday night we all went out to eat at Chili's and the food was wonderful!!! Our little family had the best time together.

Sunday was Gracie's 10 month birthday. I have a dress that my mother bought my niece Robin and Emily also wore it....so to carry on with the tradition, I wanted Gracie to have her picture made in it. After we got home from church, the bottom fell out of the sky, and it rained for most of the afternoon. That kind of ruined my idea for outside pictures, so my goal for tomorrow is to take Little G's picture.

My car did something weird on me yesterday, so this morning I wanted to get it checked out. One thing I don't need to worry about is my car quiting and leaving me and the girls stranded. When I got to the "place" they were closed all week for the 4th of July, so I turned around and went to visit with my daddy. We stayed there awhile and then we went to see my sister-in-law Tessa and my niece Robin. Emily played for a while and I went to Target. I went back to my daddy's after that and he fixed BLTs for us for lunch. I think BLTs are one of my most favorite food(but not before hot wings).
When we got home later this afternoon, Chris rode the girls around on the 4-wheeler. Emmy use to call it the "Wee", but now she calls it the 4-liter. Gracie doesn't get to ride it much, but I do think she likes it.

Again.. Emily not looking at the camera.

My baby behind bars!!! I don't like the sound of that at all!! But it made a cute picture.

Emily helping her daddy pull weeds. Of course Miss Priss needed her pink gloves.

The weekend was a big success. Too bad it wasn't long enough. I know Chris hated to go back to work today. Oh well, somebody has to bring home the bacon....and I'm thankful he does.
Later gators!!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

It is so HOT I cant stand it!!! And it's only June!!! Not a lot to say today!!! We just tried to find things to keep us busy and cool!!!
Emily decorated up a birdhouse I purchased at Hobby Lobby.

Later on we broke out the swimming pool. I was such a nervous wreck about Gracie getting water in her ears so I really couldn't enjoy myself.

I got her out and let her splash from the side.

This is the Life!!!


Must Catch Up!!!

The past couple of days have been so busy. Plus my computer hasn't wanted to work with me, so that is why I haven't posted before now. We will have to go all the way back to Father's Day for me to catch up. Emily woke Chris up bright and early to give him his Father's Day present. We gave him money and a pair of flip flops. Chris isn't sure he is a "flip flop" kind of guy,(he better be glad I picked them out because Em picked out a pair that was camouflage and had glitter) but I know he liked the money. On Sunday morning, we are always in a mad dash to make it to Sunday School, after this we were rush..rush..rush.

This was later on in the day, after church. As usual, Emily looks thrilled about getting her picture made.

My house is usually a disaster after the weekend, so on Monday I spent a good part of the day trying to put it back together. While I cleaned, Em painted on her easel. She is quite the artist.

What a masterpiece!!! I think its pretty good for 4 years old!!!!

After lunch on Monday, Gracie had an appointment with Dr. Caldwell about her ongoing ear infections. We want to say thanks to Uncle Jamie for trading appointments with us so that we could go earlier in the day. Once we got there Dr. Caldwell thought the best thing for Gracie was for her to have ear tubes. I figured he might say that and I was pretty excited that he said he could do them the very next morning(the less time I have to think about my baby having surgery, the BETTER!!!)
The next morning, we had to be there bright and early at 6:45 a.m. The hardest part was not giving her anything to drink. But she is such a little trooper, she never complained, which made it a lot easier. Look, she was all smiles when I put her in the car to leave. Poor thing, if she only knew what was about to happen to her.

The surgery lasted about 20 minutes and she did wonderful. The nurses had already warned me that she might me a little wild when they brought her to me, and right they were!!!! Gracie is so laid back, that I have never really seen her mad! But she was a wild woman!! When they gave her to me, she calmed down a little, but every time one of the nurses would come in to check on us, she would go wild again. She cried when we got in the car and as soon as we got some food in her, she got in a MUCH better mood. It has now been 2 days and she seems to be doing great!!!! Having the surgery at the place I use to work really eased my nerves. I felt like she was with family and she was being taken good care of. I'm just glad it's all over!!!

Later on that afternoon, I had to go pick up Em. Her Grandmother came to get her at the Surgery Center and she had a fun filled day at her house. Sophie Clare was also there because her mother, Maggie, works one day a week(lucky her, she has spending money!!). Sophie Clare is a girl on the move!!! While Grandmother was changing her diaper, she was all over the place!! Here she is trying to roll over.

This picture makes me laugh because they are both going after the same toy. You wouldn't believe all the toys that were in the floor, but they wanted the same thing!!!

When we left Grandmother's house, Emily was about dead!!!! She didn't even make it to the bottom of the mountain before she was OUT!!!

Now that Gracie has ear tubes, I can't get water in her ears AT ALL! That is a lot of pressure because look at all that hair!!!! How am I going to wash it without getting water in her ears. The night of her surgery I bathed her in the kitchen sink. At first she wasn't real crazy about it, but she soon was enjoying herself. I still haven't washed her hair. Tonight is the night and I'm still not sure how to do it.

Now that I'm all caught up, I hope you all have a good Thursday!!!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Busy Weekend

It has been a very busy weekend and it's not ever over!!! Friday, the girls and I had to get out-and-about and do our Father's Day shopping. We went to several places- Academy Sports,Hobby Lobby, TJMaxx, and the Walmart by TJMaxx. That is the worst Walmart in the world because it is so big, you can't ever find anything and when you finally locate it, they're all out. And don't even get me started on the cashiers.....Okay, now my rant is over. We were lucky because they had Emily's vitamins. She loves the Princess gummy vitamins and since she has been taking them, I can tell the dark circles under her eyes have gotten a lot better.

I guess Gracie was a little upset she couldn't get any vitamins.

But she got over it pretty fast!!!! I promised her a puppy if she wouldn't get upset. Thank goodness she can't understand EVERY thing I say to her.......or can she? Oh well, to quote Scarlett O'Hara "I will worry about that another day".

When we got home, Emily wanted to ride her new bike, but it was just way too hot for me to take Gracie out. I compromised with her and let her ride her bike in the house. Many of you may think that is crazy, but it's one perk I have for not having a lot of furniture in the kitchen. One day I will have something other than a table and a highchair, then we'll have to cutout the riding in the house.

Later on that evening we went to eat with our good friends Jennifer and Jeff and their girls Carleigh and Avery. Emily loves these two girls!!!! As you can tell, it was kind of hard getting everyone looking at me at the same time.

After we ate, they all came over to the house for a visit. When they left it was BATH TIME! Gracie loves bath time, and I really think that it helps her sleep better at night.

Our nightly routine consist of the 3B's......Bath, Bottle, Bed(in that order). Everyone went to bed for a good night's sleep. We were going to need it for the busy day on Saturday.
On Saturday, we had to get up and get moving. My friend Yvonne's mother passed away and I needed to go to the funeral home. We left there and went to see G-Daddy to wish him a happy Father's Day. As you can see, Gracie was pretty tuckered out from the busy morning. She needed her beauty sleep because she and Emily were going to get their pictures taken by my friend Stephanie.(stephaniearnoldphotography.com) She is a fabulous photographer and I can't wait to see what she has done with the girls.

It was SUPER DUPER HOT while we were getting our pictures made, so we were very thankful to be back at Gran and G-daddy's house. The girls enjoyed playing around with the toys at Gran's house.

Gracie is already wanting to borrow Big Sister Emily's stuff. If you know Emily, that probably won't fly.

I tried to get a picture of all of us with G-daddy but as you can see, it all fell apart. Emily didn't want to get her picture made....she had had enough. Gracie wanted me to hold her not G-daddy. It didn't go as planned so I will try again another time.

All-in-all it was a good day, but as always I was glad to get home.
Good night all!!!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Little Swimmers

Today we got up to business unusual. Emily woke up at 5:30am and that is just not like her. And Gracie woke up at 6, so our day started way early. We went for our walk then had our breakfast. After we finished eating, I started gathering up all our stuff for a visit to Aunt Janine's pool and to hangout with Maggie, Jamie, and Sophie Clare. I was pretty excited to show off the fact that Emily can swim (she's no Michael Phelps, but she can dog paddle really well). Gracie decided to take an early nap(because she got up so early) so we didn't leave until around 12. She was kind of cranky when she woke up and was pulling at her ear. With our track record of ear trouble and the extreme heat, I decided to take her to Grandmother's house and take Emily on swimming. Sophie Clare looked pretty excited to see us!!! We sure were excited to see her!!!
Emily was proud to show off her swimming skills for everyone. But unfortunately, she is terrified of bugs and could only concentrate on the dead ones floating in the pool. Most of the time I think it was just dirt, but to her it looked like bugs. She jumped in once and a leaf got wrapped around her foot and she was DONE!!! She was then ready to go to Grandmother's with Gracie.

I have to brag on Sophie Clare because it was soooooo hot out there and she was such a trooper. She fell asleep and Maggie put her in the stroller where she sleep like an angel!!!

I had lots of fun. I don't want them to grow up too fast, but I do like to think of all the girls playing and splashing around the pool together. As Maggie said today, it will be real interesting to see how they play with each other.
I hope you all have a great night!!!

Just Wednesday

I read other peoples blogs and they have Wordless Wednesday and my sister-in-law does Wonderful Wednesday....... I use Just Wednesday because it was really low key around here.(plus I'm posting it on Thursday) We pulled out some of Emily's birthday gifts and played with them. Maggie bought Em some sun catchers to paint, so after our walk we played outside until it was too hot to stand and then we came in to paint.

Emily is all about mixing her colors.

Later in the afternoon we went outside to play in the sprinkler for a bit. Our neighbor Landon came over to visit with us and to aggravate Emily. They fuss and fight like brother and sister!!!! Around 4 we went in so I could start supper. I buttered some brown and serve rolls and I was going to wait until Chris got home before I put them in the oven. When Chris came in, he always comes and hugs the girls and sits down for a bit. Emily was so excited Chris was home and she kept telling him that we were having banana muffins. If you know Emily, she has a wonderful imagination, so I thought she was just making up a story. A few minutes later, she was still talking about the muffins and I noticed she was eating something. I asked her what she had and she said, with a straight face, banana muffins. When I went into the kitchen, this is what I saw.....

It made me laugh. She is such a mess. I hope yall have a good day.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

More about Emily's Birthday

Wanted to post a few more pictures about Emily's birthday. Emily is now a bike rider!!!! Chris and I got her, her first bicycle. She was so excited!!! Every time we would go to Walmart she would tell me the very one she wanted. For a long time it was the Princess bike, but when they got the Barbie bike in, it changed her mind because it had a bell. I think it's super cute. It has cupcakes all over it and of course is Emily's signature color PINK!!!

I think she looks pretty pleased!!!

We met the family at Top of The River to celebrate on the night of Em's birthday. I'm pretty proud of this picture because I never get my picture made with Emily or Gracie. I'm usually always the one taking the picture.

My nieces Robin and Sophie Clare

Em and Ra

Gran, G-Daddy and Gracie (my parents)

Pop and Gran(Chris' parents)

Aunt Janine and Uncle Frank(Chris' Aunt and Uncle)

Aunt Carol and Ray(my Aunt and her husband)

My cousins, Michael, Jenny and Ava Caroline (as you can tell, Ava was not in the mood to have her picture taken.)

My Sis-in-law Maggie, my brother-in-law Jamie (I tell him that he is my favorite brother-in-law, which is funny because he is my ONLY brother-in-law) and their sweet baby Sophie Clare.

My niece Robin and my sister-in-law Tessa. My brother Jeff had to work late, but I know he was there in spirit.

It was a great birthday and Emily loved all of her gifts. We have worn and played with all of it already!!! And the money she got, we are saving to buy her some new clothes in the fall. Thanks to all our family.