Thursday, July 30, 2009

Wedding Party

Okay, I debated with myself about posting any wedding pictures over at Kelly's today. A computer wizard I am not, and me trying to scan pictures was totally laughable!!! I got them scanned, but they looks so far away! Chris and I should have waited a couple of years to get married and then we could have had digital pictures. Nah....I'm glad we didn't wait.

Onto the wedding party.

These are my parents, Steve and Sue. Do you count parents as part of the wedding party? Well mine you do because they paid for this whole deal!!! Can I get an Amen on that!! That is my big brother, Jeff, standing beside me. I'm not sure where my husband-to-be,Chris, is in this picture....maybe he was getting cold feet.

Chris was rounded up and made it into his family picture. These are my in-laws Earl and Cheryl and my sister-in-law, Maggie, and brother-in-law Jamie. (See what I mean, too far away).

This was our entire wedding party. We had our closest friends and does everyone, but all of these people are special to us. We don't get to see a few of them as often as we like, but they are always in our thoughts.

This was the sanctuary during the ceremony. I loved all the flowers and greenery. My favorite was the arch of flowers behind the pastor.

Please forgive this next's just so grainy, but I wanted you to see the archway of flowers that were at the back of the church. The picture really doesn't do it justice!!! It was just beautiful.

Thank you for stopping by!!! I can't wait to see all of your pictures!!! Later!

G-Daddy's Birthday

Tuesday was G-daddy's birthday (the girls call him G-Daddy, I just call him Daddy) . We had a lot to get done before we headed off to the party, so we needed all the energy we could find. We started our day off with some muffins that Emily whipped up herself!!!

Gracie couldn't wait to get her hands on one of those muffins.
After you cook, you have to do the dishes!! Emily got right on the job.

I am getting Gracie highchair pad recovered and I had to get some new material. I had been looking at some yellow damask but when I went to get it, someone had bought the whole role. So we settled with the red damask, just like what we had. The pad is going to be covered in plastic so it won't get so nasty with food .
After that we ran to Walmart to get G-Daddy a present and then off to the party.

Once we got to Gran and G-daddy's, Emily was ready to play in the dirt. A little dirt won't hurt!

While G-daddy was grilling the burgers, he was trying to teach Gracie "Ole McDonald". She really liked the E-I-E-I-O part.

Everyone was excited when Gran got home from work.

Sometimes in life a little rain must fall, but Em was ready with her umbrella.

Not the best picture of Gracie, but Gran looks pretty.

Tessa and I got tickled because both the girls were all about taking pictures. They can take some pretty good ones.

Okay it was Daddy's birthday, but it was like Christmas for Em and Robin.
Here they are awaiting their surprise.

Em got a new Hello Kitty lunch box for school and Robin got a new backpack.

Gran smocked Robin this dress so she could wear it for her first day of school. They go for an orientation day and I know she will be the prettiest one there!!! My mother can sew beautifully and I can't wait to show you the things she has made for the girls.

Well that about sums up Tuesday. I hope you have a great day!!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Wordful Wednesday-School Supplies

I can't believe it! I just can't believe it! Robin is about to start school!!

For those of you that have not had the pleasure of meeting my vivacious 5 year old niece, she is the light of our whole family. Every time Tessa (my sister-in-law and Robin's mother) talk about her starting school, we break down into tears. Man, it seems just like yesterday that we were all waiting in the doctor's office to find out if she was going to be a girl or a boy. And just a few short months later, we were all waiting at the hospital for her arrival. If you know Robin, she is always in a hurry, but that day it seemed like we waited forever. I know Tessa thought it seemed like forever too!

For all the mixed emotions that we are having during this time, the greatest of these is excitement. Robin will absolutely love school. She is already the smartest 5 year old I know. I can't wait to call Tessa that first day and hear all the stories that Robin has told her about her new adventure called school.

Tessa, my thoughts are with you most of all. These are the days we wish we could turn back the hands of time, right up there with high school proms, graduation, and their wedding day. Your so proud for them but man, just to have them little again for a second. When blowing on their belly was the highlight of the day. My times a coming sister....start praying for me now!!

Knock their socks off Robin!!! We are so proud of you!!!
Photos by Tessa!

Happy Birthday

Today is a day of birthdays around our house!!

I would like to start off by wishing my Daddy a Happy Birthday. I also want to thank him for all that he has done for me over the many years of my life. He worked so that my mother could stay at home with us and worked hard so that could have everything we needed and even some stuff we didn't actually need, but sure wanted real bad!!

People tell us that we are just alike and I can't think of a better compliment. We stand up for what we believe in and aren't to fond of people trying to push us around. When I'm at a place where a hard decision has to be made, he always gives the best advice.

He loves Alabama Football, hunting and fishing, but most of all he loves his family. I've watched him turn into a great G-daddy to his grandkids....they just love him

Daddy, I hope you have a great day today!!! We love you!!

Today is also Gracie's 11 month birthday. We are almost to one!!!! Let's see what she's up to now!!

Gracie you can:
  • You can crawl everywhere!! You are finally crawling the more "conventional" way, but you still like the monkey crawl the best.
  • You are also pulling up on everything and can clean off the tops of the coffee tables with the greatest of ease! You have already broken two of my coasters, but that's okay, Mommy doesn't care.
  • You can say "one" and hold up your finger.
  • You are sleeping all night still, but we have had a few nights of early wake up calls.
  • You are eating "table food". Your faves are pinto beans, green beans, bananas, grapes, grilled cheese, and of course anything with sugar in it, but you don't get to much of that. You also like apple juice and white grape juice.
  • And a big milestone is that you are in a front facing car seat. You reached the 20lb weight requirement several months ago. You are now 25lbs and you needed more room. I can't say you love it, but you'll get use to it.

I love this next picture! Emily use to do the same thing with her elbow and we would just laugh! Just wanted you elbow in the air I guess!!

We hope you all have a great day!!! I know we will!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Weekend Recap

Our weekend was pretty low key around here!! Not much going on...and I liked it.
We have had a hornet problem at our house for awhile. No, they are not swarming but they are coming out of the woods and hanging around our front porch. It started with one,which I tried to hit with a shoe and it didn't even phase it. I wasn't sure what it was. I thought hornets were smaller, but my dad informed me that it was definatley a hornet and he tried kill it with some spray, but he just came back after my dad left.

The next day I had two and then three. Apparently, they were going back and telling their buddies about this fantastic place to hang out. My father-in-law sprayed the steps trying to deter them, but after awhile they came back, and I think they were getting more aggressive. They would fly closer to you than before. I guess they had more confidence since there was 3.
This has really been bugging me (pun intended) because every morning the girls and I go out on the porch and play. I also water my ferns and the shrubbery. But since the hornets have come to visit, all of my plants have started to look pretty rough.

My father-in-law got me some spray, and I must tell you it works wonderfully. Once it hits them they just die. I've killed 4 already. Okay, I know I sound way too fired up about killing hornets, but I'm just so excited to be able to go on the porch and not worry about the girls.
Look how big they are!! If it stung one of us, I'm sure it would have knocked us down.

Saturday, the girls woke up early and had breakfast outside.

Then they played "kitchen" while I straighten up the house.

After that we headed to Aunt Janine's pool. I would say it was fun, but it seemed to be a lot of work. I brought the Pack-N-Play for Gracie and Sophie Clare and it worked for awhile, but every one was getting restless. So we stayed a few hours and went home.
Oh, I forgot about Friday night. Maggie and Jamie called to see if we wanted to go eat. Chris decided he would stay home with the girls, so I went. I thought that was mighty sweet of him, but now I know he wanted to stay up late Saturday night and play in the neighborhood Corn Hole Tournament. It's not an official tournament, but Chris love playing the game.

Sunday was a big day because we put Gracie in a forward facing car seat for the first time. I don't think she is too sure about it. She screamed the whole time. She just needs to get use to it.

I'm pretty fired up about the Bachelorette tonight. I can't wait to see who she picks!!! I think Reid is coming back and I sure hope she chooses him. We are having revival tonight at church, so I will have to DVR it.
I hope you all had a great weekend! Later!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Just Ducky!!

Yesterday was pretty low key around our house. We had to make our weekly trip to WalMart and after that, we came home and waited on the Just Ducky party my friend Ashley was having. I love all of their clothes and I have a terrible time trying to figure out what to get. You can choose different prints for any the the clothing styles they have. You can also add monograms or appliques...and really just be as creative as you want. I finally decided on the party pants for both Emily and Gracie. Ashley had the show at her house and we were able to try on the clothes and decide what size would be the best. I'm so glad we did because Gracie is wearing an 18 month in most everything, but the 18 months in the party pants were extremely huge! I went with the same material that is in the picture below. I'm going to wait until it gets here to get it monogrammed just in case the size is off.

My cousin Jenny went with me to the party and after we left, we went to grab a bite to eat. I wish I would have taken my camera because the girls were a hoot. Emily and Ava Caroline (Jenny's daughter) made us laugh the whole time.

After eating, I had to come home and get ready for Emily's open house at school. We call it school, but it's just 3 days a week, until 12. This is her last year before "Big" school. It was good to see everyone again and Emily can't wait to go back!!

I hope you all had a great Thursday!! All I can say now is TGIF!!!!! Later all!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Wedding Dress

Today over at Kelly's Korner, she is having a day where everyone shows their wedding dress.

Now I'll be the first to tell you that by today's standards, my wedding dress is nothing to write home about. But I LOVED it!! You have to remember this has been 8 whole years ago (where does the time go?).

I can remember the day my mother and I went to look at wedding dresses. My overall goal was to find one that was comfortable. My mother's overall goal was to find one that didn't break the bank. Just kidding, Mom! But I really was concerned about the price. The ones that had looked at in magazines were thousands of dollars! I had never looked at a wedding dress before, so I really wasn't sure what we would be getting into!

This was the first or second dress I put on and I fell in love. And it was only $300. Now to you it may look $300, but to me it's priceless.

I can't wait to see your wedding dress!! Thanks for stopping by!!

Won't Be Getting Any Mother of the Year Awards After Yesterday!

It's official!! I won't be getting any Mother of the Year Awards based solely on my morning yesterday. It was CRAZY!!!!

As you can see, everyone had a hard time getting the move on yesterday.

We all wanted to lay around but we couldn't. I haven't been to see my parents in a while and we missed them terribly. I can say one thinkg, it's going to be along while before it gets easy getting out the door to go anywhere. Now wonder Jon and Kate were so crabby with each other, it takes a lot of work.
I made a vow that, now matter what, I was going to make the beds every morning. When I went to make up Em's bed, this is what I found....

A melted Popsicle!! Thank goodness it was in this kind of wrapper! She's getting pretty sneaky at getting the Popsicles out of the fridge.
Onto the craziness. I fixed Em's breakfast, and big shocker here, she didn't want it. I made something easy because we were going to eat lunch with my mother very soon. I was determined she was eating it, so I made here sit at the table until she did (I know her grandparents and aunt are dieing right now). Well she was determined that she was not going to eat it because after 45 minutes she had only taken 2 bites. 2 BITES!
It was getting late and I had to get ready, so I left her at the table and took Gracie to the bathroom with me. I got in the shower and did the whole deal of getting ready, all while checking on Em off-and-on the whole time. Granted, she's still not eating.
I came into the kitchen and put Gracie down so that I could get the iron and ironing board out and I see Gracie playing with a bottle of some sort. When I go to pick it up, I see that it is the Princess Gummy Multi Vitamins that I give Em, and what use to be a half full bottle, now had 4!! FOUR!!! After questioning Emily to what has happened, she tells me she pulled her chair over to the cabinet and got them. I asked her where they were and she points to her stomach. There is no number on the bottle to call, so I called the Doctor. They gave the number to Poison Control. POISON CONTROL!!!
While I'm on the phone with Poison Control, Gracie is crawling around in the living room. She is everywhere now and is pulling up on everything. I'm standing there watching her and can see that she is about to grab the lamp. I couldn't get to her in time and she pulled it off on her!!! (see what I mean, no awards here).
Everyone is okay!!! Gracie was just scared and PC said Emily would be fine. I just can't give her any vitamins for a week. With a laugh, I told the lady on the phone, I didn't have anymore to give her!!! They gave me a few other instructions and that was about it. So can you say WHAT A MORNING!!!

I got much better once we finally got in the car. We met Gran for lunch. Then went to see G-Daddy.
Gran got Emily a new pair of shoes for school!!! She loved them!
G-Daddy made Gracie a hat, but she wasn't lovin' it.

Em's trying to help G-Daddy see the little print on the paper.

And we were all excited when Gran got home form work!!!
All-in-all, it ended up to be a great day. After the visit, we came home and played and everyone went to bed EARLY!!!
Can't wait to see all the Wedding Dresses over at Kelly's tomorrow.
Later all!!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Wordful Wednesdays-Sweet Sophie Clare

I love little faces! Every week on Wordful Wednesday, I am going to have a picture of different little face in our family. It strange, we use to not have any little we have bunches!!!

I would like to introduce to you my niece, Sophie Clare. Her parents are Jamie and Maggie, and they are my husband's sister and brother-in-law. Maggie has wanted a baby, from what I hear, as long as she could hold a baby doll. Jamie and Maggie were married 11 years before Sophie Clare was born! 11 YEARS!! So you know they were over the moon when they found out they were pregnant. I sat by the phone all day waiting to find out if she was going to be a boy or a girl. I know Maggie wanted a little girl and I was so happy she got what she wanted. Of course I think girls are the best....I have two!

Sophie Clare scared us all to death when she made her debut a month early. She sure knows how to make an entrance! She is 7 months old now and as busy as a little bee. She has the bluest eyes you have ever seen and a smile that will melt the coldest of hearts. When she laughs it's the sweetest thing you've ever heard. I smile just thinking about it. She is a true blessing.

Look at that face!! Couldn't you just die from the cuteness!!!!

A Wonderful Day With An Old Friend

I'm telling you, I'm ready for fall!! The weather has given us a pre-fall teaser around here, and it has been wonderful!! Last night, I went to the walk track near my house which goes around the local high school. The band was out practicing and it felt like I was living that Kenny Chesney song "I Go Back"!! Isn't strange how a familiar smell or sound can bring back memories! For a split second, it felt like I was back in high school again and I was getting ready to march into the football stadium with the majorettes,before the big game. That all seems like a million years ago. I do have some good memories of those times!

Anyway, onto what I did yesterday. We met my friend Stephanie and her sons Jessie and Brody at Chick-fil-A for lunch. After lunch we took them over to the city sprinklers.

I have known Stephanie and her husband Andy for about 10 years now. Can you believe it Steph, 10 YEARS! I met them through my husband Chris. Andy actually showed us our first house, which was one house down form his. You may ask, is Andy a realtor? That would be a big fat NO! The house was empty and Andy opened the door with his driver's license. He opened it, we saw it, and the rest is history!! We always have the most fun with Andy and Stephanie and yesterday was no different.

Chick-fil-A was so good (it is my most favorite fast food place). Gracie was pretty excited about eating there!

This is Stephanie(left)!! Thanks to Emily for taking this picture. Pretty good for a 4 year old!

This is Stephanie's son Jessie. He is so sweet! I wish I had his tan!

This is Brody, Stephanie's youngest son. Emily tells everyone Brody his her boyfriend...thanks to Andy. Chris loves Brody, but is so not ready to hear Emily say she has a boyfriend.

Gracie was pooped.

So was Em.

A fun time was had by all!!

Saturday when Chris took the girls stuff to their grandparent's house, he got some green beans and corn for their garden. Gracie found the corn yesterday! If she likes it this way, she'll love it with butter on it!!

I hope everyone had a great day!! We sure did!!