Saturday, May 30, 2009

Too Funny....At Least to Me.

Not much going on around here except that everyone is having sinus trouble. Poor Gracie has got another ear infection and is cutting top teeth, but except for not sleeping good you would never know it. I have been trying to clean my house (no new development there) but I can't seem to keep it clean.

Since Gracie has been cutting some teeth, I let her chew on those big thick pretzel rods. She loves them! Yesterday I was cleaning the kitchen so I gave her a pretzel to chew on while she was sitting in her highchair. I kept an eye on her because even though they are thick, she can still bite some off. When I got done with the kitchen I went to get her out of her highchair and I couldn't find the pretzel. I looked all over the floor and in the highchair....still no pretzel. I then walked into the living room to set her down to play and my eyes caught a glimpse of something. And this is what I saw.

At first I jumped!! I thought she had a snake or something on her back! But nevertheless, I found the pretzel!!

Hope you all enjoyed that little story!!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Tale of Two Restaurants

Tuesday was a very busy day for me. We started out the day getting ready and it takes me forever to get all three of us girls ready and out the door. We met Gran for lunch at McDonald's and for it to be McDonald's, it was sooooo good. I was so busy getting everyone ready that I forgot to eat breakfast. I guess you could say that I was "Lovin it". Isn't that McDonald's slogan?

Although her face does not show it,Emily was pretty excited about her ice cream.

Gracie just looks like a doll baby in this picture. I could just kiss her to death!!!

After a long morning, we came home and the girls played while I straighten up the house for Grandmother and Pop to come over. They were going to help Chris watch the girls while I went to eat with Maggie. With the craziness of getting ready that morning, there was no time to pick everything up, so you do it when you can.

Here comes the other restaurant. That evening I met my sister-in-law Maggie at our favorite wing place. If I had posted this by itself I would have titled it Just Wingin' It. We had such a good time!!! We laughed and cried and talked about our kid's mostly, for 3 hours!!!!! It had not been that long ago that I couldn't even have imagined us sitting around talking about our KIDS!! Now it's our favorite subject.

I will end this post with a quote by Rebecca West(don't ask me who that is because I have no idea, but I do like this quote) "There was a definite process by which one made people into friends. It involved talking to them and listening to them for hours at a time."
Later all!!!!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Grand Ole Flag

This Memorial Day I am thankful to all those who have fought and died for our country. Many sacrificed time away form their families and many did not return home. Without these brave men and women, past and present, we would not be living with the freedoms we have today. Thank you again for all you have done.

We had a very relaxing day. Or I had a relaxing day, poor Chris worked himself to death landscaping the front yard. He did a wonderful job!! It looks so great!!! I would have taken a picture of it to put on the blog, but just as he finished it started raining. Again!! So, I will have to take one tomorrow.

The day started out very low key. I cooked breakfast, Chris ran to Lowes, and Emily and Gracie were playing and watching Playhouse Disney. Our neighbors, Jonathan and Shasta called and invited us to their house for lunch and what a feast they had prepared. They had a shrimp boil and it was wonderful! They spread out newspapers on the table and dumped all the food right on the table. I wish I had taken a picture of that too, but I forgot my camera at home. While Jonathan was cooking the shrimp all the kids were swimming in the pool. I don't know how they did it because it was freezing. Although Emily just stayed around the steps, she had a ball. Poor Gracie was so hot, but she never complained. She really didn't have a nap at all today, just 15 minutes, and she was still in a good mood. After we ate, the girls and I came home and Chris went back to work. Later in the afternoon, we went back to Jonathan and Shasta's for ice cream and dessert. I made my old faithful apple dish and everyone seemed to like it. Except Chris....he is just about tired of eating it. I make it for EVERY get together we go to.

It was a great day! I hope everyone who reads this had relaxing Memorial Day.

Gracie is lovin' her some chocolate ice cream. I hope it doesn't keep her up tonight!!

This is Laura (Shasta's daughter). Emily absolutely loves her!!! She says Laura is her very best friend. How sweet! All of the other kids in the neighborhood are boys, so we are very thankful for Laura.

This is part of the neighborhood gang. I love my neighbors!!! Since the day we moved here, they have treated us like we have lived here forever.

I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day!!! We sure did!!!

If A Tree Falls......

There is an old saying, or rather an old question, "If a tree falls in the woods and no one sees it does it make a sound?" Well I don't know what happens deep in the woods, but I do know that if a tree falls in your in-law's backyard, it makes a really LOUD sound when it hits the power line, transformer, playhouse and workshop.

Yesterday was Chris' mother's birthday. After church we went to eat and then went back to their house for some Birthday brownies. We are all on the back porch taking pictures of the girl's (Sophie Clare my niece, Emily and Gracie). Being the Sunday before Memorial Day, it seemed like a good time to dress them up in their patriotic best.

It is very hard to get a picture with three kids and they are all looking a different way!!

While we were taking pictures, we heard this cracking sound. As we looked over, we saw this limb on an oak tree begin to fall (this tree was way over 30 years old-older than me!! Ha!) In my mind I'm thinking "No big deal, it's just a tree limb". How wrong was I!!!! The part that fell off was way more than a limb. When it hit the play house I thought, "This is bad"! Then it hit the power line and broke the power pole and then there was smoke, I KNEW it was really bad. We are very fortunate that nothing caught on fire.

If you know me, you know that I am a "what if" person. What if I get struck by lightening? What if a car fell out of the sky and landed on the house? What if...What if...What if...? After the the tree fell, I thought "What if we had been out there taking pictures and the tree had fallen on us"? But thank the Lord we were safe. I heard a preacher on the radio say "what if's" keep you from having faith in God. That is so true! In stead of thinking the worst, remember that he brought you THROUGH the worst. The Word tells us that He will never leave us or forsake us, and I am so thankful He was with us yesterday.

Cheryl, I hope you had a great birthday. I do know it was an eventful one!!!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Read All About It!!!!!

This is my very first post on my new blog and I'm pretty excited. I have been thinking about starting one for sometime, but I just wasn't sure I would be any good at it. Or better yet, that anyone would read it. Well, I decided to do this for me and my keep a daily journal of the "goings on" at my house. So much goes on in life and when you blink the moment passes. To me, this is a way to, kinda sorta, freeze time. My sister-in-law Maggie has a blog,, and I check it daily to see what is going on around her house. She also turned me onto some other blogs and now I am hooked. My favorite of all is As my cousin Jenny put it, "If I could meet Kelly in real life, I just know we would be best friends".
My goal for this blog is to show off my girls, Emily and Gracie, and my other family and friends. I hope to do it with some feeling, a little bit of class, and whole lot of humor.
Please stay tuned to Angie's Daily News.....there is much more to come!!!