Friday, August 24, 2012

Bowling Night

To celebrate our first week of school, Chris and I took the girls on an adventure.  To you it may not sound like much of an adventure, but the girls have never been bowling before, so to them it was.  And anytime you take a 4 year old anywhere, it's always an adventure! 

The girls were so excited when we got to the bowling ally.  We went pretty early because I wasn't sure if it would be busy or not, and I didn't want to be rushed.  I don't think they get busy until it starts getting cold, so we were in good shape. 

They both played really well!  To keep everyone happy, we told them it was a tie.  I do believe the girls have found their new passion because every minute of every day they ask us if we can go  bowling again.  We will definatley be going back!

Monday, August 20, 2012

First Days of School

Gracie had the best first day of school.  The night before she told me several times that she was scared.  We did all we could to reassure her that she had nothing to worry about and how much fun she was going to have.  All was well, and then right when we turned the corner to her room, there was this little boy that was having a come apart right in front of her classroom door.  I started to panic because I was worried Gracie would think she had something to worry about and just loose it.  But there was no need to worry.  Gracie turned to me and said "Bye Mom" and went and sat on the carpet in front of the teacher.  She didn't look happy, but she wasn't crying so I was okay with that.  I decided to leave before things changed.  Whew!  All went well.  When I picked her up, she was all smiles and telling me all about her day!  Makes me happy that she's happy.

Emily started on a Monday.  She was not that fired up about school starting, but was happy about her new teacher and seeing her friends.  Although Emily's been at this whole school thing for a couple of years now, I still feel sad when she has to start school.  It means she's getting bigger.  I want her to stay little forever!  But that's not the way it's to be, so you must press forward.  Ha Ha.  I love her so very much and I can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for her. 

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Meet and Greet

Well, summer has come to an end and school days are here.  This is Gracie's first year to go to preschool.  This Momma's heart is sad, but I've never seen a girl more ready for the next step than Gracie. 

Having two children proves busy when it comes to orientation for the new school year.  Emily and Gracie's orientation day was at the the same time, same day, different schools.  So I had to call in reinforcements.  My sweet Mother went to Emily's orientation so that I could go to Gracie's. 

We have talked about Gracie going to school for a long time.  She has been super siked, but about a week before school started she was less and less smiley about it.  She did great meeting her teacher and a few of her new classmates, so I had no reason to worry.

Gracie's best buddy Griffin.  Griffin also goes to church with us.  They aren't in the same room but they get to play at recess, which makes Gracie one happy girl.

No matter how old you are, there are still times you need your Momma.  So thankful that my Mom could come help me out. 

When I got back from Gracie's school, we headed over to Emily's class to meet her teacher.  We are so blessed to have Mrs. Clevenger this year.  Can't wait to see all the great things Emily will learn this year.  As you can tell by the look on Em's face, she's pretty happy about having Mrs. C for her teacher. 

Saturday, August 11, 2012

American Girl and Stone Mountain

The next morning we were up and out the door.  The girls, and myself included, couldn't wait to get to the American Girl doll store. When we saw the store the girls were screaming and I had this big lump in my throat.  Sounds crazy I know, but I wanted them to be excited and happy and it was everything I had hoped for!

As soon as we went through the door, Gracie found just what she was looking for.  Her birthday was just around the corner, so we got her a Bitty Baby. 

Chris was a little surprised by all the excitement over the dolls and accessories.  We just brought him our purchases and he stood in the corner.  Lol.

Emily made all A's on her report card all year so she got to pick out a few treats as well.  We had the best time.  I will remember this day forever!

Before heading to our next stop, Stone Mountain, we stopped for a bite to eat at The Varsity.  It was great! 

Then off to SM!  I can't say enough how much fun we had!  Our only mistake was that we didn't take a stroller for Gracie, but she did pretty good.  Emily was fantastic!  She was up for anything all day!! 

We rode the train, the sky lift to the top of the mountain, and walked and walked.  It was tons of fun!

After SM, we headed home.  After supper the kids were OUT!  A fun time was had by all! 

Friday, August 10, 2012

Sweet Bedtime

After the long ride, the aquarium, the park, and a quick bite to eat, it was bedtime and we were all too ready.  Well, Chris and I were ready....the girls were still wide awake.  We are a family that goes our separate ways at bedtime, so with all of us in the room together, it made an interesting night and a lot of memories.

The next morning we were planning on going to the American Girl store.  Emily was getting all her doll's stuff layed out .  She was so excited!

The Georgia Aquarium

We wanted to take a quick trip before school started.  Chris and I decided to take the girls to Atlanta. Lots of people we know have taken their kids to the Georgia Aquarium so that was our first stop. 

We got to the hotel and headed out to see some fish!

The penguins and the dolphin show was every one's favorite.

On our way back to the room, there was an awesome park for the girls to play in.  We stayed there for most of the afternoon. 

Emily was riding on this spinning seat and got to going so fast she couldn't get off.  It was so funny! 


Friday, June 8, 2012