Friday, December 31, 2010

High School Reunion

Last night me and and a couple of my high school friends got together for a bite at Chili's. It was so good to see Kathy and Shannon because it has been probably 5 years since we've done this (but that's just a total guess because, I can't even remember the last time). 

Over Thanksgiving break I went with Mother to her dermatologist appointment.  In walked Shannon (far right) looking just like she did in HS.  We talked for a bit and promised to get together over Christmas break.  Kathy and Shannon are both teachers, so that would work out great because they get off for 2 weeks.  Well, a lot has happened since that day at the doctor's office, and to be honest, I totally forgot about it!!!  But thanks to Facebook, Shannon got us together.  We sure missed Melissa, but she had to go off and move to Florida with her husband and family.  But I guess you can't fault her for that! HaHa.  

It was so fun to catch up!  Shannon told a few of her "Shannon" stories.  If you only knew my friend, she is a hoot and the funniest things always happen to her. 

I'm very proud of my friends.  They have accomplished a lot and both have beautiful families.  And if we don't see each other until next Christmas, I'm sure we'll be able to pick up right where we left off because honestly, that's what true friends do!!!

I hope you all are having a safe and Happy New Years!  Ours is VERY low key, but that's just how I wanted it!!!  Stay tuned for a few pictures!!!! 

Happy New Years!!!!!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Makin' The Best of It

We've kind of has our minds elsewhere this week.  My Dad had surgery on Monday and my MIL, Cheryl, had a "little" surgery on Tuesday.  They both did great, but you can't help but worry about them a little.  I mean really, they've worried about us for years, now it's our time to give back (ha ha). 

 With any scheduled surgery, the motto is "hurry up and wait".  Because of this, I didn't go to the hospital for Dad's surgery because they weren't exactly sure when it would be and that's not the answer you want to hear being a mother of 2 impatient children.  My goal was to make Tuesday a day of visiting.  We would stop by and visit my MIL before she had surgery and when they took her back, we would run a few errands and then go see my Dad.  Bless Cheryl's heart.  She had to be there early and when we got there the Dr. called and said he would be 2 hours late.  It's not fun to wait, but that's just the nature of the beast.  Things happen and Dr's have to be called somewhere else.  I know this because she was having surgery at my former place of employment, and what I consider the best job I've ever had.  When I had Emily, I decided to be a stay-at-home-mom, but I truly loved working there. 

Once they said the Doc would be late, I knew my crew would never make it because the complaining started when we came through the door. They were hungry (which I don't know why, they had breakfast), they were thirsty and they were tired.  They were fading fast!!! So Maggie and I decided to go ahead and take them to the Mall.  We both felt guilty living it up while we had family in the hospital, but everyone assured us to go on. 

The Gang was much happier once we got to the Mall.  After we ate, we all rode the carousel. 

We had a great time.  But as we were leaving Gracie threw a Stage 5 fit, that had the whole Mall looking at us!!  You know the more this happens, the less it bothers me!  Lol. She was just wore out, so it was expected.  We hopped in the car for our next stop. 

My Dad was doing great and the girls got their second wind and put on a big show for Momma and Daddy.  Gracie would sing and dance and say whatever you wanted her to.  Emily was just being her sweet self.  It was so good to be there with my parents.  But it was even better to see my Daddy feeling good.  He had knee replacement and you really never know how you'll do after surgery.  We stayed about an hour and a half and then headed home. 

It was a very busy day, but it was a GREAT day. Daddy was great, Cheryl was great, and I got to spend time with Sophie Clare and Maggie. 

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Wrap Up

Sunday, we wrapped up our Christmas weekend.  Since our church was only having preaching we decided to go back to our home church.  We surprised my in-laws and I do believe they were glad to see us and it was great to see everyone again. 

My MIL bought the girls matching outfits for Christmas, so we dressed them up.  I just love these outfits!!!  I think it was funny that they all had on a different color bow.

Janine wanted the kids to come up on stage with her and sing "Oh How I Love Jesus".  Emily just sat on the first pew, but Gracie and Braden went right up.  Janine did most of the singing, actually she did ALL of the singing, but they sure looked cute standing up there with her.

We went to eat and then to my in-laws house to visit for a little bit.  Since I didn't get many pictures of anyone else but the girls on Christmas Eve, I wanted to do a group shot like we did at my parents house (its down at the bottom). It took us several tries be we got a good one and I was happy.  To say the girls were grouchy was a HUGE understatement.  That is, my girls were grouchy.  Sophie Clare was just as sweet as could be.  Gracie pushed and grabbed at SC until I just knew it was time to leave and take a  little rest.  But poor Gracie didn't make it down the road before she fell asleep.  When we got home Chris laid her in her bed with her coat on.  

Once everyone rested for a bit, it was time to play some more!!!  The girls had a really good Christmas and I can't believe how blessed we are. 

The Family.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Day

Oh the excitement on Emily's face Christmas morning.  I got up early and sat on the couch because I was worried the Emily would get up and I would miss the look on her face.  I got up about 6 and waited, and waited, and waited a little more.  I do believe my little darlings we pooped because  they didn't wake up until around 8.  The look on Emily's face was priceless.  She was very excited that Santa brought her a new kitchen, but I had to remind her that the kitchen was for Gracie too. 

While we waited for Daddy to get and get the video camera going, the girls went through their stockings.

God bless my little Gracie.  For the past two months, if anyone asked Gracie what Santa was going to bring her, she would say a sucker.  Never not once did she change her answer!  So as you can imagine, that little sweet baby got her sucker.  She was so happy!

And M&M's!!  Gracie had the breakfast of champions Christmas morning.  Sucker and M&M's. But that's the best part about Christmas get a free pass.

Emily is all about earrings.  I think after the first of the year she will get her ears pierced.  But for the time being, she had some stick on earrings in her stocking. 

After all the presents were opened, I fixed a little breakfast.  I think my pancakes got a little "done".  I did not have the best results in my Christmas cooking.  I made 2 cakes and 1 ended up looking horrible!!!  But it tasted great so that was a plus. 

 It took us awhile getting all the toys out of the boxes!  I always say I'm going to ask Santa to take them out of the box but I always forget.  But the rest of the morning was spent playing and relaxing.  It was like we were in a dream because the kids were playing, we were relaxing and then you look out the window and it was snowing.  It was just a wonderful day!

Later that night we headed to my parents house to exchange gifts with my brother and his family. 

My Mother and Daddy got Gracie this doll, I thought for awhile we were going to have to leave it at their house!!  It talked and laughed and never stopped.  Then my mother broke the news that it didn't have an off switch!!!  Well, let me tell you, we found it!! 

I wanted to get Emily and American Girl doll for Christmas but I was worried she wouldn't play with it that much.  I don't know if you know this, but they are kind of expensive.  Mother found the Target version, and Emily just loved it.  Jenny has been by her side ever since she was opened.  Now that I know Em loves these dolls, I do believe she will get an AG doll for her birthday in June. 

Mother got all the girls matching dresses!  They are so pretty. 

Robin and Gracie enjoying their writing mats Momma and Daddy got them.

Family picture!!!  With all the excitement going on, its hard to get a picture of everyone.  So we set the camera up for a group shot!!!  I'm so glad we did.  These moments are going by so fast and I want to remember them always!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Eve Night

Christmas Eve is my Mother's Birthday.  We always have a big family get together to celebrate her special day and to swap Christmas gifts with the younger kids. We had a great time!  The kids were so fun.  They ran and played, but pretty soon they settled into the movie Santa Buddies.

When we got ready to sing Happy Birthday to Mother, the girls got right in front of her to sing.  They looked like a little choir of angels.

With Ray's birthday later in the week, they sang to him as well.

Jenny and Michael

The kids had fun opening their gifts. 

Have you seen those Yule Log videos? Well, I have and I always thought they were funny.  I mean really, who would sit around with a "fire" on their TV.  This Christmas we did and it was great!!  It played Christmas music in the back ground and made it feel cozy.  All I can say is "Don't knock it til you try it"!

It was so late when we got home and we had to get straight to bed so Santa could come. We read the Christmas story from the Bible and then Chris read the girls The Night Before Christmas.  They were so sweet!

Once everyone was sound asleep, Santa soon came. 

We had the best day spending time with the family.  We laughed and talked and ate!  It was truly a great day!!!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Eve Morning

Well, Christmas has come and gone!!!  In a slit second!!  But I must say we have had a wonderful few days spending time with friends and family. 

It all began with Christmas Eve morning.  We headed over to my in-laws house for lunch.  Usually we eat first and then open presents but that plan soon went out the window!!!   We opened presents first and then had lunch.  It was so fun to watch the kids open their presents.  Sophie Clare jumped right in. 

Gracie started off interested, but she soon faded.

My MIL painted these plaques for me and Maggie using the girls hands and feet.  I'm a total sucker for anything with their sweet hands and feet on them. 

Maggie and Jamie got Emily the coolest Barbie doll set.  Her face was priceless when she first saw it. 

They also got Emily some PJ's.  She loves them and has worn them every day since!!!

My Mother and Father-in-law gave all the girls a play kitten.  Which is so much better than a real one!!! HaHa.  My FIL also made each girl and art box.  It was so cute and creative!  I know they will cherish it always!

Chris helping SC with her present

Maggie and Gracie

I'm not even sure what this sweet face is about, but I just love it!!!  She must have been excited about something good! 

That was just the moring festivites!!!  Stay tuned for more.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas!

We are having a white Christmas and I just can't believe it.  This morning we woke up to enjoy our presents without any snow.  We talked to Chris' family that lives about 30 minutes away but up on a mountain and they had tons of snow.  To say that we were sad was an understatement, but hey, what can you do?  Then before you know it, it started snowing here and it's really coming down.  It has been for about 5 hours. 
Emily was so excited and wanted to go right out to play in the snow.  But I encouraged her to wait until Gracie takes her nap.  Gracie is not a fan of the snow so I thought that might be the best plan. 

Emily couldn't wait to get ready.  She wanted to wear this tobogin.  It was my brother's when he was little.

Good ole snow ball fight.  I even got popped a few times.

I never think to buy winter gloves.  I mean its never that cold in the south.  Sometimes you just have to improvise.  So Emily's hands wouldn't get wet building the snowman, we put her little cloth gloves on her hands and I covered them with ziplock bags.  They worked like a charm!!!!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas!  We sure are.!