Thursday, October 22, 2009

Emily's First Trip To The Dentist!!!

Yesterday was Emily's first trip to the dentist! Well, the first time she has had her teeth cleaned. I can assure you that I was more nervous that she was. Why...I don't know. I just don't want her to be afraid of going to the dentist like I was (and to be honest,I still am a little). The dentist I had while I was growing up was a "this is how it's going be" dentist. I wanted Emily to see it as a new adventure, so we have been talking it up for quite sometime, but in the back of my mind I'm thinking..."this is never going to work". I had already made up my mind that if she flipped out when we got there, I wasn't going to force her to do it.

Well let me tell little one surprised me! She hopped up in the chair and they got right down to business. She giggled and laughed and opened as wide as she could. I was just so proud!!! I couldn't believe it! The best part was that the hygienist worked real fast so Emily didn't have a chance to get board with it.

When they went to take the x-ray, she got a little nervous. They wouldn't let me go in the room and she was not happy about that, but again the hygienist didn't give her a chance to say no. She got her in the chair and worked real fast. Again, Emily was wonderful!!!

She got to brush Barney's teeth while waiting on the dentist to check her out.

All done!!!! I could have shouted it from the rooftops, she was so good.

I told her that if she was good and let the dentist check her teeth, we would go to Walmart and she could pick out anything she wanted. That was right up her ally!!!!
Thanks to Aunt Maggie for coming to the house and watching Gracie while Em and I had our afternoon together. Gracie, although a little grumpy, had a great time!!! She hasn't quit talking about it!!!
Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!

A Little Behind!!!

Man, this week has been crazy busy!!!! Monday, Emily wasn't feeling well, so we headed to the dr. Tuesday, I had a hair and dr's appointment. And Wednesday, Emily had her first dentist appointment and we had church. Can you say busy!!! How do moms that work get all this stuff done!!! My hats off to you!!! You have a much harder job!!!

Because of all the "going here, there and everywhere", I have just now been able to post pictures of this weekend. To be honest I forgot they were even on my camera!!!

Saturday, Gracie and I got up and went shopping!! Em stayed with her Daddy and it made for a much quicker trip. Em loves the mall and I love taking her, but if you want to run in and really look you can't because Em wants to ride the carousel, get a cookie, and throw money in the fountain. I was in need of some clothes!! I found a few things and then we ran by Martins to see what they had.
When we got home, I laid Gracie down for a nap and I took one too!!! While I was sleeping my mom came and got Emily and took her to her other favorite store, Hobby Lobby!!!
My mom brought her sewing machine and worked on some pants for Emily and mended a pair of Chris' jeans. As you can see, the girls love it for mother to come, so she didn't get much sewing done until they went to bed!

Sunday, my friend Ashley invited us to go see the Wizard of Oz at the Pittman Theater. Of course Emily had to wear her Dorthy dress! I must warn you, I don't think I took one good picture all day!! The theater was so dark and we were all crammed in tight! But hey, what can you do!! We made a memories anyway!

Em and Claire

It was a pretty good play. The four main characters were wonderful!!! And the Good Witch sounded just like the witch from the movie. And lets not forget the Wicked Witch!! She was really good too!! But I have to be honest, I was really glad when it was over. Emily sat in my lap the whole 3 hours and my backside was so numb!!!! A fun time was had by all!!!
Taylor, Emily and Claire. I love Taylor and Claire's outfits!!! Just Ducky Originals....check it out!!!
Check back later. I will be posting pictures of Emily's dentist appointment soon.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Fun Times!!!

I love Mary Englebreit! She is a wonderful artist that uses quotes from famous, and not so famous people to caption her artwork. I have a daily calender on my desk and the first thing I do every morning is she what she has to say. I have her little sayings all over the house and Emily has even gotten into the picture. If there is one she likes, we put it on her dresser in her bedroom.

This one was on my calender the other day and it just made me smile.

When I saw it, it reminded me of me and Maggie! Not because we look like these two women mind you, but because we love getting together just for a bite and good conversation. Mostly we talk about our kids! Clothes for our kids, church and our kids, our kids, our kids, our kids!!! We venture out and talk about other things, but it usually all comes back around to our kids! You think we would get tired of it....but nope!
I think it's very important for moms to have girlfriends! You need people in your life to talk to and bounce ideas off of, and basically people you can just be yourself with! I have several! Maggie, Jenny, Jennifer, Stephanie, Ashley, Jamee, and Lynn....just to name just a few. Some are new friends, some are old friends and some are family but they are all very important to me.
But I have to tell you that I do have a very best girlfriend. That would be my mother!! And I'm so excited that she is coming for a visit today!! So I better go! I need to straighten up the house!
Later all!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Stop, Drop, And Roll!!!

STOP, DROP, & ROLL!! That's what Em learned yesterday at her school's annual trip to the local fire station. The kids loved it!!!

I think Emily's favorite part was riding in the school van. I always ask her if she wants to ride with me or on the van. Of course, she always says the van, so I dropped her off at school and met her at the fire station.

Here they are watching a video about fire safety. Henley, Claire, and Emily.

This year Gracie got to go. I was a little nervous about taking her because she has finally gotten walking down pat, so she loves being on the move. She didn't much like staying in her stroller so I tried to hold her as much as I could....which was not much. While the group was watching the video, Gracie and I took a stroll down the hall of the fire station. The firemen were so sweet. They gave her a stuffed animal for her to play with.

After the video, we got to see the famous fireman's pole. This is Emily being a good sport and showing the kids how it worked. My friend Ashely introduced me to Emily and she is super sweet and super cute! I wish I would have gotten a better picture of her. She has the cutest hair cut. Gracie just loved her! Every time she walked by Gracie, she would just reach her arms out to her. She held her several times for me.

Gracie and Emily

This is my friend Aimee. Henley, who is in Emily's class, is her daughter. Aimee started working with the three year olds this year. These are a few girls from her class.

Allie Kate enjoyed the fire station too!!
We had a great time!! Can't wait to go to the Pumpkin Patch soon!!!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Falling for Fall!!!

The weather here is beautiful!!! I guess the old saying is true..."In life a little ran must fall" which is exactly what it has done here for nearly three weeks. But this week has totally made up for all the rain!!!! There is a nip in the air and I just love it!!!

My friend Ashley called me last Monday and said "Hey, lets take the girls to the Falls (Noccalula Falls). I was game because we had been in the house forever, so on Tuesday were got up and got moving.

When you went into the park, they had a beautiful fall display set up. Good photo opportunity.

This one too!!! I always call Emily "chicken"...not in a mean way or anything, just "chicken". So I thought this would be a cute picture.

Em and Claire

Gracie lovin' the swing at the park.

Claire and her little sister Alli Kate.

The girls had a great time and it was wonderful being out of the house enjoying the beautiful weather. I hope you all have a great weekend!!! I know I will!!!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Happy Birthday To Me!!!

Well my friends, another year has passed and I am now 33 years old. I know everyone always says this, but where has the time gone!!!

This year we decided to meet the family at Logan's to celebrate. I've not eaten there in awhile and it was so good. But to be honest, the best part was having my family there with me.

Birthdays have always been weird to me because all the focus is on the person who was born on said day, but not much focus goes to the people who brought them into this world. I mean really, what did I do? I just showed up!!! Poor mother had the hard part!! So....I would like to take this time to thank my parents for all they have done for me over the years. They both have been wonderful examples to me while I was growing up. My mother, ever the cheerleader, knew when to encourage me and when to push ( if you're a mother, you know there is a big difference in the two) and loved me through it all. My daddy always stressed the importance of standing up for yourself when need be, which is a trait that has served me well over the years!

As everyone knows, you never know how your parents felt about you until you look in the face of your own child. Man, how they loved me!!! They are the best parents any girl could ask for!!!

Daddy taught Gracie to say touchdown and raise her hands!! Now we are going to work on Roll Tide

Em and my cousin Ava Caroline had the best time cracking peanuts!!

The Three Amigos! My brother-in-law Jamie, my husband Chris, and my cousin Michael. I should have gotten them to do the "Hear No Evil, See No Evil, and Speak No Evil" thing! That would have been funny.....or at least to me.

Me and my sister-in-law Maggie. We still have some celebrating to do this weekend. We are going to eat at our favorite hangout and paint some pottery. Check back to see our artwork.

My in-laws. Some people would say out-laws but not me!! I have the best in-laws in the world! They have always treated me like their own and I love them so much!!

Em loves blowing out the candles!!

This is my sweet niece Sophie Clare. She is so cute I could just squeeze her to death.....but I won't!

Thanks to all for my gifts and for coming out to celebrate!! We missed the ones who couldn't be with us, but there is always next year!!!!