Saturday, October 30, 2010


Last Saturday was the big Alabama/Tennessee match up.  I was glad the day finally came because since the beginning of football season, we have planned for my cousin Jenny and her family to come over.  Jenny graduated from UT and we use to have some great times when I went to visit!

It has been FOREVER since we have all been together.  Jenny is working on her Master's Degree, and bless her heart, she works way too much!  She finishes up in May and I do believe we will have a huge celebration!!! 

She maybe my cousin, but she is the closest thing to a sister I have!!!  We grew up fighting and arguing like real sisters but we ALWAYS make up! I recently sent her a picture of a Barbie doll we use to fight over, and we couldn't believe they still made it 20+ years later! 

Sweet baby Kate!  She's got her "game face" on! 

The girls started out the night all fixed up, but played way too hard to stay that way!

God bless Michael!  Only he knows how Chis feels being in a house full of girls!!!! 

It started getting late and the girls started calming down a bit. 

We had the best time.  I think Jenny and I talked way more than we watched the game.  But that's okay!  We had a lot to catch up on. 
We can't wait to do it again.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


My niece Robin is on the dance line at her elementary school.  She has been asking me to come to a game, but for Fall, it's been like 100 degrees every Saturday!  So wrestling a 2 year old + 100 degree weather = a long day.  But with this week being Homecoming, I had to suck it up and go see Robin do her thing.  I'm so glad I did because she was great!!!! 

(Please ignore the girl in the front bending over)

My SIL, Tessa, is over the dance line and she did a great job with their routine. 

Tessa, Jeff, and Robin.

Gran with her first grand baby!  Boy how time flies!!! 

Robin, we are so proud of you!!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Check Up

Call me Mother-of-the-Year!!  Why, you may ask? Well, Friday, Emily had her first "healthy" checkup since she was 2. I know it sounds crazy, but I didn't know!  At two, your kids are done with vaccinations until they are 5, so I thought until then you only bring them in if they are sick.  Oh well, you live, you learn. 

I still hesitated because we have had a good long run where we haven't had to go to the Dr.  It seems to me that once you start, you just keep going and going.  But I gave in and we went on Friday.  I didn't want Emily to miss school, so as soon as I picked her up,we headed to the Dr. 

If you can tell how much fun a kid had at school by how dirty they are, then Emily had a BLAST!!!
She was filthy!!! 

She weights 47 lbs and is 46 inches tall.

We love our Dr and didn't want to see anyone else, so we had to wait a little bit.  I had a bag of tricks, but the girls aways get board just before the Dr. comes in.  We drew on the paper, which is their favorite.  Emily made some beautiful drawings and Gracie wanted me to write letters. 

Every time Gracie heard Dr. R go by the door, she would say "He's gonna get me"!  It was so funny!!! 

And I have to share a funny story.  Gracie was getting restless and started cleaning out my bag.  She found my phone and started acting like she was talking to Mickey Mouse.  Then she wanted me to talk to Mickey Mouse, so as you can imagine, I had a big conversation with ole Mickey.  Well, I looked up and noticed that Emily's nose was really dirty.  I said "Emily, your nose is dirty. We need to clean it".  She said, "Mother, don't say that in front of Mickey Mouse!". 
Oh that kid cracks me up!!!! 

Have a good Monday y'all!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Brynley

Hey y'all!!!  I hope everyone has had a good weekend!!  We sure have.  I'm so glad to be heading into another week, because last week was so busy!!  It seemed like every night we had something to do.  That plus reading homework, makes for a busy week!! 

Thursday night, Emily's school friend Brynley had her 6th birthday party.  Chris had to work late, so Gracie had to go with us.  That was okay by her because she loves a good bouncy party.

This is Emily's friend Cloe.  She is so sweet and I just love her Mom!  I think I may call her to she if she wants to get together for lunch sometime.  I'm sure the girls would love for us to get together.

This is the birthday girl, Brynley.  It was a great party!  I've never thought about having a party on Thursday night, but it worked out wonderfully!!!  I'm going to have to remember that come birthday time.

I love seeing Emily with her friends. 

Monday, October 18, 2010

Too Funny

You may not think this is funny, but I sure do! 

This little girl is one of  TWO lights that God has given me in my life!!! 

All I can say is that I am so blessed!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Lunch Date

Emily had a surprise lunch date on Friday.  Robin (my niece) had been out all week for Fall Break, so on Friday, she and Tessa (my sister-in-law) decided to surprise Emily and eat lunch with her. I wasn't there, but Tessa was sweet enough to take a few snapshots so that I could blog about it.  I can only imagine what Emily's face looked like when she saw Robin and Tessa.  

 Emily's elementary school was established 50 years ago, so at lunchtime they played 50's music over the intercom and the kids got up and danced!  I love how Robin fits right in everywhere she goes!!!

Mrs. M was sweet enough to let Robin and Tessa walk to Emily's classroom. 

What a special day for Emily, Robin, and Tessa!  I'm so glad they were able to do it!!!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Down On The Farm

Yesterday, Emily had her very first field trip as a kindergartner.  We went to a pumpkin patch called Down On The Farm.  Over the years we've been to several pumpkin patches but this was by far the best, and the farthest we've ever been to! 
I had plans to drive and my friend Crystal ride with me.  The kids had to ride the bus to the pumpkin patch, but could ride with us on the way home.  But plans changed yesterday morning.  Crystal's husband decided he wanted to go, so I went with them.  We had a great time because we talked all the way there!  And that was good because it was a long way to the pumpkin patch!!! 

Now I know this was Emily's field trip, but I had so much fun meeting the other parents and talking to them.  But I must say the best part was watching Emily play with her friends! 

The weather was wonderful!!!!  Beautiful blue skies and a cool breeze!

Emily and Anna Kate

 These beautiful flowers were in the corn maze.  Chris' just informed me that it is technically a weed!!! I had no idea!!  But it was beautiful!

They had puzzle pieces hiden in the corn maze.  When everyone found all the pieces, they put it together.  Very cute idea.

They had a petting zoo. Lots of cute animals!

They had this big slide made form an old combine.

In this old barn, they had a big huge trough of corn.  It was probably a-foot-and-a-half deep.  As you can see, the kids loved it.

Brynley and Carley

Emily's whole class.

Emily's class with Mrs. M

Em riding the cow train

Emily's class on the hayride.  Mrs. M came up with the cutest song for the kids to sing.  I will say it again...I'm so glad she's Emily's teacher!

Finally, what we came for!  Emily's pumpkin!  When we went to pick up Gracie from Grandmother's house, Emily painted her pumpkin.  As always, she did a great job. 

We had a great time.  I'm so glad I get to experience these moments with Emily.   This is the stuff I live for!!! 

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My Little Artist

We do a lot of arts-and-crafts around our house.  We are always cutting, gluing, tracing or coloring something!  I have really enjoyed watching how Emily's artistic talent has evolved!  You know, it goes from barely being able to color in the lines when your little, to drawing "Mom and Dad".  I don't have an artistic bone in my body, so I'm so glad Emily got this from Chris' side of the family, mainly Chris' mother.  She is a wonderful artist and painter.  Now, I need my mother to teach Emily is be a fantastic seamstress, so maybe she can teach me!  Ha Ha. 

Emily drew a picture of her family last week at school.  This picture has probably been hanging on the fridge for about 5 days, but she just realized that there was something that needs to be added.  It cracked me up because she stood at the fridge for about 5 minutes deciding what she was going to add.  Plus she has her crayons right by her side.  Oh how I love her so!! 

Emily is not just a master of fridge art.  Her expertise ranges all the way out to the swing set as well.  I hope these little people stay forever, but just in case, I snapped a picture. 

To my future artist, dancer, doctor, lawyer, teacher, nurse, or even stay-at-home-mom.  I know you will be fantastic at what ever you do!!!! 

"For I know the plans that I have for you", declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future".
Jeremiah 29:11

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Emily's Fall Fest

Emily had her very first Fall Festival at school yesterday.  To say that it was HOT was a mild understatement!  It just didn't feel like October!  But a fun time was had by all.  We walked around with our friends Crystal and McKenzie.  We also had a boy in the group.  My friend from church, Tiffany, had to work, so her son Connor walked with us.  He didn't really want his picture taken, so that's why you don't see him.  It was a lot of fun!  They have a Spring Fling in the spring that is much the same, so we can't wait to do it again. 
Em and McKenzie

I thought Gracie would just walk around like the big kids, but before long I had to get the stroller. 

They had pizza and snacks for sell to raise money for the school.  Thank goodness they had the lunch room open because it was a cool place to go eat.

Emily's teacher, Mrs. Martinez.  We are so blessed to have her as Emily's teacher.  I sure hope she can be Gracie's. 

Mrs. Holmes is another kindergarten teacher, and all the kids love her!  I see Emily hug her or hold her hand every time she is around.  I'm so thankful that in this day and time, there are still teachers that know the importance that "love" has in learning. 

After lunch we headed out to play some games.  

Gracie even got in on the action.  She cracks me up how she thinks she's just as big as anyone else. 

I can't wait for Spring Fling!