Thursday, December 3, 2009


Well, as usual, I'm behind. So a little backtracking is required. Emily had a Thanksgiving party at her school before they let out for the Thanksgiving holiday. Since it was the last day of school before the big Alabama & Auburn showdown, the kids were to wear jerseys to show their spirit.

We got there early while the kids were practicing for their Christmas program. As a matter of fact, I need to find out the date so I don't miss it!!!! Things have been so crazy around here that I have gotten a few things confused. Well anyway, the kids were all so cute singing. I can't wait to see it "live".

You have to watch Gracie. She would walk around and get food off of other people's plates. That girl loves going to Emily's school parties.

Girls in Emily's class

Claire and Ali Kate.

Chris and I decided last year that we would flip-flop family Thanksgivings. That means one year at his parent's house and the next at mine. That way we aren't worn out from all the driving and we actually get to visit for awhile instead of eating and leaving! Last year we went to my in-laws, so this year we were at my parents.

My mother is the absolute best cook in the world! I couldn't wait for lunch! My sister-in-law Tessa and I brought side dishes, but mother had the main courses, turkey and dressing. Can I get a YUMM-O!!!! She also makes candied sweet potatoes that are out of this world! I would have loved to take a nap after all the eating, but on Thanksgiving mother lets the girls get out the ornament that she has bought them over the years and hang them on the tree.

Mother takes special time to shop and get ornaments that that reminds her of each of her grand girls. One year Tessa took Robin (my niece) and Emily's picture having a tea party, so their ornament was about a tea party. But my favorite ornament of all time is the one my mom got me when I was pregnant with Emily. It's a little pregnant snow woman. It is the cutest thing to me and I just grin when I see it. I need to take a picture of it so you can see how cute it is.

For Emily's 3rd birthday she had a Little Einsteins party. She loved them!! So that year mom got her a Rocket ornament.

Gracie wasn't impressed with the ornament hanging at all!! She just wanted Emily's juice.

Gran explaining that they need to be careful with the breakable ones.

Robin's new ornament this year is a girl riding a horse. This girl LOVES animals and especially horses.

Since Emily made her first trip to Disney this year, mom picked out Cinderella in her carriage for her.

It was so fun having everyone together! Now onto Christmas!!!

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