Sunday, May 29, 2011

Early Birthday!

My sweet angel Emily turns 6 in June, but because all her school friends scatter during the Summer, I decided to have her "friend" party before school let out.  We have been to several painting parties this year and they were so much fun, so that's what we decided to go with. 

I can't believe we were celebrating Emily's 6th birthday!!!!  These years have gone by so fast!

I let Emily decided the menu for the day.  My sweet girl made it easy on me by wanting a cookie cake and Doritos. 

Emily is all into butterflies so Melissa, our artist, taught the girls how do paint one.

We had the perfect outside space for it. Now it was a little "warm" but ideal for the party.

My neice Sophie Clare.

Gracie was going for more of the abstract look.

My neice Robin.

The whole gang.

Present time!

My Daddy and my SIL Tessa.

Gran, G-daddy and their girls

Pop and Grandmother

Me and Em

It was a stress free day.  We are going to have a family birthday party on Em's actual Birthday, but it was fun having all her "girl friends" over. 

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