Saturday, May 7, 2011

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday is always a busy morning.  But you have to make time for the Easter baskets. 

Gracie loved hers.  I told them they could eat anything they wanted in there basket until they put their dresses on, and then there was no more candy.

My sweet little angles.

It's always hard to get a group shot of everyone.

After church we went to my Mother's house.  My Mom made the best dinner and the weather was perfect!  We stayed outside most of the afternoon.

Jenny and her girls got there just in time to hunt eggs.  Em giving Kate a helping hand with the eggs.


Ava Caroline


Gracie was not having a great hair day!  ha ha

Notice my two are pusing and shoving each other!  They will fight over air, but then love each other to death!

It was the perfect family day. 

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