Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Gatlinburg Part 2

Our second day in Gatlinburg we woke up to snow.  Emily was beyond excited!!!!! Chris headed to the fishing lure show for a couple of hours and the rest of us got up to get some breakfast.  As you can see, Emily was very pleased.

Gracie was happy too, but snow doesn't tickle her fancy like it does Em.

We grabbed a little breakfast, met up with Chris, and just piddled around for the rest of the day.  We shopped at the outlets and I got Emily a new coat.  She wanted some earmuffs and this is the best we could find.  We also got her a pair of snow gloves which came in major handy when we got home!!! 

Looks like the same picture but it's not.  I just loved them both and I couldn't decided, so I put them  both. 

While Gracie napped Chris and I went to grab a bite to eat and on our way back we bought the girls a sled. The best part of the whole trip was seeing them on that sled.  They laughed the whole time!!!

The smiles say it all!!!!  They were going so fast it was hard to get a good picture.  My camera ability ends with "hey, there's a running man, so that must mean you can take pictures fast"!  The running man didn't help, but you can still see how much fun they had.

Pop was our "stopper" at the bottom of the hill.

Later that night we walked down in the village and to say it was cold was an understatement.  We purchased a few goodies and headed back to the room.

We left early the next morning.  We had to get home because we had winter weather headed toward where we live.  And we didn't have any milk or bread or  ANYTHING!! We made it in plenty of time and have enjoyed more snow!!!!

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