Thursday, August 16, 2012

Meet and Greet

Well, summer has come to an end and school days are here.  This is Gracie's first year to go to preschool.  This Momma's heart is sad, but I've never seen a girl more ready for the next step than Gracie. 

Having two children proves busy when it comes to orientation for the new school year.  Emily and Gracie's orientation day was at the the same time, same day, different schools.  So I had to call in reinforcements.  My sweet Mother went to Emily's orientation so that I could go to Gracie's. 

We have talked about Gracie going to school for a long time.  She has been super siked, but about a week before school started she was less and less smiley about it.  She did great meeting her teacher and a few of her new classmates, so I had no reason to worry.

Gracie's best buddy Griffin.  Griffin also goes to church with us.  They aren't in the same room but they get to play at recess, which makes Gracie one happy girl.

No matter how old you are, there are still times you need your Momma.  So thankful that my Mom could come help me out. 

When I got back from Gracie's school, we headed over to Emily's class to meet her teacher.  We are so blessed to have Mrs. Clevenger this year.  Can't wait to see all the great things Emily will learn this year.  As you can tell by the look on Em's face, she's pretty happy about having Mrs. C for her teacher. 

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