Thursday, September 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Claire!

Saturday the girls were invited to their friend Claire's 5th birthday.  Ashley had it at a place that is usually used for gymnastics and cheerleader things and I have to say the kids LOVED IT!! They just ran and played and jumped to their hearts content! 

Okay, this pit of foam was fun to jump in, but a NIGHTMARE  to get out of!!! Emily and I jumped in and of course she jumped right out! I've never felt so helpless in my whole life!  At one point I thought about just staying in there!  I think I would have been able to get out easier if I would have had jeans on.  Next time, I'm going to wear more comfortable clothes.

The next day at church, Ashley said the cake was falling apart because it was so hot.  But none the less, it was good!

Not real sure what Gracie is saying to Taylor, but I'm sure it has something to do with her being an Auburn fan.  haha

Em and Henley about to take the plunge into the foam. 

Emily and the "Birthday Girl" Claire

A fun time was had by all!  One of the Mom's suggested that we have a girl's night at this place!  I loved that idea and can't wait!  It ought to be interesting!

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