Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Ain't She Cute!

Yesterday was busy from the word go!  Gracie and I had several errands to run before we picked up Emily at school and started our "Tuesday afternoon run". 

I put this little outfit on Gracie and just fell in love with her all over again!  Thanks Aunt Tessa for finding this dress for me. I decided to take Gracie on an impromptu photo shoot, but when I got to this new location that I found, there was a Mom's group there for the day, so this was the only pictures I got to take. 

It makes me realize how fast she is growing.  She looks like a big girl.  Then she got her blankets and passy to head out the door.  I call her Linus. 


  1. Oh sweet girl! She looks older than she did a few months ago...please stop!