Monday, March 21, 2011

They Love Their Daddy!!!

My girls love their Daddy and I am blessed with a wonderful husband that helps me out in every way with them.  He provides well for them, he plays with them, he helps me get them ready for bed at night, he helps Emily with her homework, and most of all he prays with them.  Now if I could get him to pick up after himself he would be perfect!!!
Ha Ha! 

I really do believe that the best part of their day is when he comes home!

Chris turned 38 this month and we had a mini celebration! Sophie Clare got in on the action.

Anytime Chris cranks up the lawnmower the girls go crazy!!!  They love to ride all over the yard with him and he is happy to do it! 

This past weekend Chris and I had a date night and the girls stayed with their grandparents.  We left Saturday morning and shopped and looked around all day.  It was just one of those wonderful days that you'll remember forever.  We will be married 10 years in June, and I must say it has not always been easy, but MOST definitely worth it!!! 

I'm very blessed to have him!!!

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