Friday, June 17, 2011

Beach Trip 2011

Our beach trip this year was more like a "three hour tour" instead of a vacation.  It started out with high hopes because the trip was relatively smooth and the kids were so excited when we got there.  Em couldn't wait to get to the beach!  Once we got to the room, we headed down to the water.  They were so happy with the sand and the waves, Chris and I actually thought that this trip was going to be a piece of cake!!!  Although the first night was laid back and easy going, it was only a camouflage of things to come!!!  Ha Ha!

 After we hit the beach, we headed over to Mikee's for dinner. 

More to come.......

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  1. were at the beach too!~ We'll we are going home today. Where are ya'll? We are in Navarre Florida. I know their are tons of beaches, but wouldn't that be funny if we were in the same spot. :)
    Hope your having fun!