Saturday, May 30, 2009

Too Funny....At Least to Me.

Not much going on around here except that everyone is having sinus trouble. Poor Gracie has got another ear infection and is cutting top teeth, but except for not sleeping good you would never know it. I have been trying to clean my house (no new development there) but I can't seem to keep it clean.

Since Gracie has been cutting some teeth, I let her chew on those big thick pretzel rods. She loves them! Yesterday I was cleaning the kitchen so I gave her a pretzel to chew on while she was sitting in her highchair. I kept an eye on her because even though they are thick, she can still bite some off. When I got done with the kitchen I went to get her out of her highchair and I couldn't find the pretzel. I looked all over the floor and in the highchair....still no pretzel. I then walked into the living room to set her down to play and my eyes caught a glimpse of something. And this is what I saw.

At first I jumped!! I thought she had a snake or something on her back! But nevertheless, I found the pretzel!!

Hope you all enjoyed that little story!!!

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