Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Helping Momma

For the's COLD!!! I know many of my blogger friends have had snow and that it could be worse, but I'm just sayin''s COLD!!!

Gracie and I bundled up and took big sister to school this morning. When we got home we had to do a few chores. Gracie loves to help me with the dishwasher. (Please excuse her hair. Static is going drive me crazy with winter) She has always liked to open and close the door and you have to watch her because she will always grab the knives, but today is the first day that she has climbed up and had a seat. She is so cute I could just squeeze her to death.....but I won't.

I wonder if Emily and Gracie will always be eager to help their Momma. I know I wasn't always that excited about it. Everything that I do as a mother and housewife gives me a huge respect for my mother. Man, she did a lot and seemed to manage it with such grace and ease. Not me, but I do the very best I can.
Today, take the time to tell your Mom how special she is and thank her for all she has done for you. It doesn't sound like much but I can tell you it will mean the world to her.

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