Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Well.....That About Sums It Up.

Another Christmas has come and gone and I must say I'm very happy to be back on our regular schedule. As I said before, we kind of had a "sick" house all through December, with Emily getting the worst of it. The last thing I wanted to do was blog, but now I'm back at it. This whole post will be Christmas related.

Emily's school put on the cutest Christmas program this year. My little star was a Wise Man and let me just tell you, she sang her heart out!!! Nearly every picture I have is her with her mouth open.

After the program, Emily's class had their Christmas party.
Em and Makenzie

Gran stayed for a little while to see Em in her class.

"The Three Amigos" Claire, Emily, and Henley

Emily dressed like a present for the Christmas program at church.

Em is really checking Santa out!!

On Christmas Eve, we headed to Chris' parents house for lunch. Although it's been a couple of weeks, I can still remember how good the food was. Cheryl and Earl did a great job!!!
This was Sophie Clare's first Christmas meal!!! Last year she was so little!!! I can't believe how much she and Gracie have grown in just one short year!

Em opened everyone's presents for them!

Granmother and Pop with their Girls!

Christmas Eve is my mother's birthday, so on Christmas Eve night, we celebrated. I know everyone says this about their mother, but as you can see it I speak the truth.......my mother looks no were near her age. She turned 66 (she is going to kill me for putting that). My mother is a timeless beauty and I hope I got a couple of those genes in the process!!!! Mother, I love you very much and I hope you had a great birthday!!!

Gran with her girls!!

Momma and Daddy got Emily and Robin a karaoke machine. As soon as Robin saw it, she grabbed that microphone and started singing. Emily was a little shy about it, but she's coming around. Gracie even got in on the action! She was right in the middle the whole time.

Chris and I decided to do the three present thing for the girls this Christmas. As my friend Jennifer says, "Three presents were good enough for Jesus, so it's good enough for my kids". Well, they ended up with four. Chris found this Snoopy Snow Cone machine and it was a big hit!!!! The only thing is you have to have arms of steal to turn the crank and make the snow, so Chris is the only one that can do it!! Fine by me!!

Santa brought Emily the Hungry Hungry Hippo game and I think we played it 100 times. I told Emily to put her game face on and this is what she gave me.

Gracie's game face looks a little more mean! She loves Hungry Hippo too!!!

A fun time was had by all!!!! I'm just glad to be back to normal!!!

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