Saturday, January 30, 2010

Lunch and Dinner Dates

Hello all!! What have you been up to lately? Well today, I'm trying to stay warm and awake! It has turned cold and rainy where we live and when it's like this I could just sleep all day. But let's face it, I haven't been able to do that in over four years.

With the weather forecast being so glum, we decided to get out and about on Thursday. My goal was to get our car tags renewed and then go to Walmart. But when I left the house, I changed my mind. I called Maggie to see if she wanted to meet us for lunch. Several people have been telling me about this restaurant in our area called The Cupboard. I can't believe I have been missing out on this place. The chicken salad was wonderful! But I must say, lunch was not very relaxing. The girls were kind of all over the place! The next time Maggie and I go out to eat together, I think we may leave the girls with their Daddies.

How people manage with twins, I will never know!!! We walked across the street so Maggie could take a few pictures and it was just as wild as it was in the restaurant!!! We were so close to the road and the babies were in every direction. Maggie got a few pictures but getting them together and all looking at the camera......YEAH RIGHT!!!!

For supper Emily, Gracie and I met my cousin Jenny and her little girl Ava Caroline at Chick-fil-a. We go there so the girls can play on the inside playground. So now it's time for a sidebar. To all the parents with children who are too big to be in the playground, you need to stand up and take notice!!!!! The big kids are always the ones that are in there and OUT OF CONTROL!!!! It amazes me that parents will just drop there kids off at the playground and then never look up until time to go!! Everyone wants to have a good time, so parents, you need to teach your "big kids" that if they're going to play in the playground they need to look out for the "little kids" since it's really for the little kids anyway! I'm just sayin'!
Em and Ava love to play together! Ava keep called Em "Your Highness" and when we left she bowed to her. It was so funny!

I would like to introduce to you Miss Anna Kate (her friends and family will call her Kate)! In four more weeks we will be able to see her sweet face and we can't wait! I know Jenny is ready to see her because this pregnancy has not been near as easy as her first! I just can't wait to hold a newborn again! See you soon, Kate!
I hope you all have a good weekend! Later all!

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