Monday, June 14, 2010

Party, Party!

Around our place, June is the month for birthdays.  We have been to several, and Emily's is tomorrow, and a few of her friend's parties are still to come.  What can I say......we love to party!

Braden (our cousin) turned 2 this year.  He loves Thomas the Train.  Whoever made is cake did a wonderful job!

 Gracie also thought it was good!

Sophie Clare

 Farah Jaye

Emily on the move (sorry for the blurriness).

Emily's friend McKenzie turned 5 this past Saturday.  They haven't seen each other since school let out in May, and Emily was so excited!

 The slides at this place were huge!  Emily would go down them on her belly, on her back and upside down.  She's quite the little dare devil sometimes!

Whatever party Emily goes to, she has to sit by the birthday girl or boy.  Sometimes it doesn't always workout for her, but today it did and she was all smiles.

Have a good Monday y'all!


  1. Look at all those cute kids in all those adorable outfits!! Isn't it fun....and tiring to celebrate birthdays?

  2. It looks like so much fun! I can not wait until Gray is going to birthday parties for his little friends!