Sunday, June 13, 2010

What We've Been Up To

After weeks of having computer problems, I hope to have it fixed. My new modem came and I got it all hooked up, but it still wasn't working! Very frustrating! But the nice lady form AT&T helped me, and hopefully we're all good!! Just because I haven't been blogging, doesn't mean that I haven't been taking pictures! So, here's what we've been up to.
The weather has been wonderful! Now, it's been hot but we've loved every minute of it. We spend most mornings until lunch and late afternoons outside. Emily and Gracie are getting really good tans and their hair is getting lighter too. Go figure, the sun makes your skin darker and your hair lighter.

Gracie loves to stand at the back door and piddle with the keys.

Gracie has been going through a little phase where she doesn't want to be out of my sight. At the first of the week she was really, really fussy and her nose was pouring. I mean really bad. I just new we were headed for another ear infection, so I called the Dr. and they said to come up because they weren't real busy. It was so nice just to walk in for a change without waiting. The Dr. said no ear infection but commented on how much Gracie's nose was running (I said it was bad). He wants to try her out on Singular in the morning and Zyrtec at night to see if we can get it to stop. It's helped a little.
She is also into everything!!! She'll push a chair over to the counter and reek havoc on whatever is on top. The other day I walked in the bathroom and this is what I found.

We've had a little craft time.

But like I said, most of all we've played outside. You won't ever be able to accuse our family of "Going Green"! Every time we go out, we hook up the water hose. Our house is in the direct sun until early evening, so you about can't take it outside without the water. I pull my car horizontal in the driveway so I can get in the water with them and not be in full view of the neighbors in my bathing suit. So that's why my car is in nearly all the background shots.

I caught this brief moment of love between Emily and Gracie. My hope is that they are always best friends. I know siblings that are not very close and it just makes me sad to think that would ever be the case with my girls. I just don't' know what I would do without my brother! I've been reading Laura Bush's new book "Spoken from the Heart", and she talks about how she always longed for a sibling.

She writes: "I remember as a small girl looking up at the darkening night sky, waiting for the stars to pop out one by one. I would watch for that first star, for its faint glow, because then I could make my wish. And my wish on a star any time that I wished on a star was that I would have brothers and sisters."
Some days I feel more like a referee more than a mother, but there are times when I can see the love they have for each other. Even at almost 2 years old, Gracie will say " I love you Emmy". Man, that can melt a mother's heart.

By the looks of this picture, I need to pull some weeds!

Emily figured out she could make a chalk paste if she soaked the chalk in water.

Take a wild guess where it ended up........

I hope everyone is having a great weekend.
Peace Out Cub Scouts!!!!

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