Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sprinkler Fun and Not So Fun

There is a lot that has been going on since the last time I've blogged. My husband and I celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary. Other than picking up after himself, I do have the best husband in the world. We spent the day in Birmingham shopping and eating. Chris is weird about asking people to take our picture, mostly because we look like tourists. But hang on for next year because we are going to take a trip and there will be more pictures than you can handle!!!
On Thursday, me, Maggie (Sophie Clare) and Jenny (Ava and Kate) went to the sprinklers down town. It was fun, but I can't say it was relaxing. Ava loved them and so did Gracie, but it took Emily a little bit to get warmed up to them. Sophie Clare enjoyed just walking around!

I brought some chalk just in case Em didn't want to get in the water and everyone seems to like playing with them.

Baby Kate. She had fun just hanging out.

Um, it's about time for me to go get my roots done don't you think!!!

After we left the sprinklers, we changed the girls and headed on over to Chick-fil-a. To say that it was chaotic is a total understatement!!! Of course we went at the absolute worst time, but we were determined to make it work. But for all our efforts it didn't. We couldn't find a place for everyone to sit. Maggie spilt her drink (I think of it now and I just laugh). The girls were everywhere. Gracie kept wanting down. It was just crazy!!! I usually never let Em go in the playground without me because it never fails there is always one kid in there pushing in shoving, but we were almost finished eating and about to start cleaning up, so I thought it would be okay for just a minute. Em was in there about 2 seconds (it seemed) before she came running back out SCREAMING to the top of her lungs with red stuff on her face. In all my blondness (it's not natural, but you would never know it) I was thinking to myself, "why does she have ketchup on her face"? If only it were ketchup! Emily had slipped running up the stairs on the play yard and had bit through her lip. When I realized what had happened, my stomach went right to the floor! Stuff like that makes me sick!!! Thank goodness Maggie was there because she works at an oral surgeons office. It's old hat to her. I was worried the most about her teeth. Maggie took a look and said everything was fine, but we might want to run by her office for the Dr. to take a look. Meanwhile Emily screamed louder and louder!
I'm so glad Jenny was there too, because she got Gracie and took care of her while I was looking after Emily. To say the least it was stressful. I know that everyone was glad when we left Chick-fil-a. And and want to give a shout out to all the other mothers that sat there and did nothing but give us dirty looks! Thanks for all your help. There were some nice men that came over and brought us napkins and ice water. Now all is well. Emily did knock her front tooth loose, but hopefully if we leave it alone, it'll be fine. By the next day, her lip was healed up, but just swollen.
Let's just say, I won't be at Chick-fil-a at lunch anytime soon!!


  1. Well that is an exciting day..oh my! Poor baby..I am glad her lip is ok.

  2. Sounds like a crazy day. Glad you survived.