Friday, June 18, 2010

Show Us Your Life-Proposal Stories

I looked at Kelly's Korner today and saw that she was featuring Proposal Stories, so instead of telling you about mine, I thought I would tell you about my cousin Jenny's proposal.
I hate to call us cousins (although we are), we are more like sisters. Sisters that God put at different houses because he knew that we would probably kill each other if we lived together (ha ha). All joking aside, I love her like my sister, and she married a wonderful man, Michael.

Jenny and Michael were high school sweethearts. When Jenny went off to the University of Tennessee to study sign language, I thought "I hope they stay together". Michael is the perfect fit for Jenny. He compliments her in every way and they work as a team better than any couple I know. So when Michael decided to propose our whole family was over the moon.
Now just because Jenny knows sign language, didn't mean Micheal did. So for the big day he learned to sign "Will You Marry Me". He took her to a very special restaurant in Knoxville, and in front of the whole restaurant, he got down on one knee and signed "Will You Marry Me".

To this day, that story just makes me smile! It's been 5 years, and two beautiful children later, and I do believe they are happier than the day they met. I love you Jenny and Michael! I hope you didn't mind me sharing your story!


  1. Love this story Angie! Love it! When a mate makes YOUR interest HIS interest, it's a special thing indeed!

  2. How sweet! I love good stories like that.