Friday, October 8, 2010

So Glad To Be Back!!!!!

Oh y'all....I'm so glad to be back!!!  I haven't been able to upload anything to blogger for over three weeks!  I don't know if any of you have had this problem, but my sister-in-law Maggie and I have and its been very frustrating!!!  But we are back and very happy to be here!!!! 
I'll have to start back a couple of Fridays ago.  Maggie had few errands to run and we had the privilege to have Sophie Clare over for the day.  Now that we go to different churches, I miss a lot of my "Sophie Clare Time", so when Maggie said she had some things she needed to do, I jumped on the chance to have Sophie Clare come over. 

As you can see, Gracie was excited she was here.

We played a lot!  And I think I may have kissed her once or twice due to the lipstick on her face.

We walked over to the neighbor's house so I could show her off.  My other neighbor has a decoy deer in his yard for bow practice.  SC couldn't take her eyes off of that deer!  I do believe she told it "Hey" about 10 times. She is so cute!

Of course, we had lunch.

And I have to say that one of my favorite parts was putting her down for a nap.  She still likes to be rocked to sleep and I haven't done that in forever!  She was so peaceful and sweet I just wanted to hold her.....and I did for a while.  But she started getting hot, so I laid her down in Emily's bed.  Oh how I wished I would have had the pretty sheets on Em's bed!

I was worried SC would wake up in a different place and not be happy.  But no worries!!!  She woke up with the sweetest smile on her face.  Which was good because I had to scoop up both girls and run and get Em from school. 
SC usually doesn't take a pacifier but she was enjoying Gracie's while we waited in the car line. 

Gracie looked like she could have slept a few more minutes!

Everyone was glad when Em got home!

We had a snack. 

And played some more.  I told the girls that the little baby was going to take a nap, and SC got the passy and blankets and laid down.  It was so funny. 

Emily playing teacher.

Isn't that the sweetest face?!  I'm so glad we got to spend some time with Sophie Clare.  We love her very much. 

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