Thursday, February 10, 2011

Happy Feet

Okay y'all.  How many of you have heard of Twinkle Toes shoes?  Well up until Emily started school, they were totally foreign to me. Once I've found out what they were, ignorance was a great state to be in!  I'm strictly a Keds girl.  They're white and go with everything!!!  But now that Emmy's in school, that's not what's "in". 
At the beginning of school I took a snapshot of Em's shoes on the very first day.  Lets just say they had absolutely had it by the second week of school and by the end of the first month, I stopped cleaning them every night because there was just no point in it!  So last week, Em and I headed out to pick up some new kicks! 
All Em could think about was Twinkle Toes.  I promised her we would "look". When I was growing up, the rule on clothes shopping was that if my mother paid for it, she had an input on what I brought home.  So my goal was to shop with an open mind.  But when we walked in, it wasn't looking good!  There are different styles and some are just plane ugly!  But we looked and looked and came across a pair we could agree on! 

This is the happiest girl in the world.  I thought she may actually sleep in them!!!

I love seeing a smile on her face!!!

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  1. We've had to get a pair too. I think they are tacky as all get out and they make me think I'm having some kind of weird visual seizure when they start blinking in he backseat at night when its dark. But I probably would have had to have some when I was 5:)