Thursday, February 17, 2011

I Just Don't Get It!!!

If you are a fan of the SEC, my guess is that you've heard of the situation down in Auburn.  I just don't get it people!!!!  It's football!  I know it's great and fun and what we live for on Saturday in the South, but the fact that we would take a rivalry so far that we would poison trees is just crazy!!! 

Now I don't call myself a "tree hugger".  But I do love tradition!  Tradition is was brings us together on holidays as a family, and tradition can also get us pumped up for a football game on Saturday.   That's what's so great about it!!! 

I feel so bad for Auburn and its fans, because let's just face it, memories are hard to replace!  I have fond memories of Auburn.  I went to several games with my brother, who is a BIG Auburn fan, and let me just tell you, I had the best time EVER!  I have many other memories that have been made there that I won't even go into, but hold a very special place in my heart!  And let me just add....the lemonade a Toomer's Corner is AWESOME!!! 

To all of my Auburn friends, I'm so sorry for the possible loss of a tradition. 
Hopefully, all will turn out well! 
And I will add a .....War Eagle!!!!

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