Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Pardon Our Progress

We are in the middle of a few home improvements.  We are building a carport onto the house.  Which is totally awesome because we are going to be out of the weather when we are getting in and out of the car, and we are also going to have some extra storage space for things like our Christmas tree and whatever junk my husband brings home.  Ha ha!  It's been sort of slow because the weather has not been the best, but this week the weather has been wonderful so far!  After school the girls wanted to go out and play, but they ended up sweeping up sawdust for an hour!  Not because I wanted them to, but because they wanted to!

Yes I'm aware that Emily has her shirt on backwards, but she loves to have all the print on the front. 

Gracie wanted in on the sweeping action. 

We have MANY more things we want to do to the house, but the bathroom and the add on will be the big things for this year.  Although I'm trying to get my husband to put up more trim in some places.  Hopefully, I will get what I want!!! 

Happy Tuesday y'all!!!! I hope you're enjoying this wonderful weather!

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