Monday, February 7, 2011


When most of you read blog post about items that are "vintage", I'm sure that you don't think of an old sweatshirt.  But this sweatshirt is very vintage because is was mine when I was 9 years old.  My Mom found it when she was cleaning out a closet.  I couldn't believe she still had it!  It's so funny how seeing it can bring back so many memories. 

In the little town I grew up in football was, and still is, a BIG deal!!!  When I was younger, other than going to my Grandparents house, Friday night football was the highlight of the week.  In 1985 we went to the State Playoffs.  I can still remember game night!!!  I was the coldest I believe I've ever been in my whole life!!!  But it was a great memory!

But nothing like the memories I'm making these days.  Not every day is perfect, but I know that through life I'm gonna look back on the "not perfect" days and miss them. 

My children are the lights of my life and I'm truely blessed to be their mother.   

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