Monday, June 1, 2009

We Got the Golden Ticket!!

If any of you have ever seen "Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory", you know that the Golden Ticket is a big deal. Well, it's just as big a deal if you are fans of The Rick and Bubba Show! My friend Jennifer had called back in January and had gotten tickets for her family to visit the radio show while it is being taped. Last month, she called and asked me if Chris and I wanted to go with her and her husband. Of course we said YES!! We both love Rick and Bubba and have since they were at a local radio station and they were only known by the locals. Now they can be heard across the country and even across the world via the internet. If you have not heard their show, they are two men that love the Lord and are not afraid to say it. They also stand up for what is biblically right even when it doesn't go along with mainstream society. These days there is not a lot of that going on. Most people in the media try to stay neutral or swing way to the left on political and moral issues. But not these guys!! They stand firm on the Word, which is what we need more of today!! And another bonus is that they are way funny!!

Because you have to get the tickets so far in advance, you never know if there will be a special guest that day or not. We got lucky!! Ruben Studdard, former American Idol was there and we got to hear him perform live. It was pretty neat. He came around and shook our hands and introduced himself(as if we didn't already know who he was). He also gave us a copy of his new CD.

Rick and Bubba gave everyone copies of their new book and signed it for us. I started reading it on they way home and it is pretty good. I'll let you know how it is when I finish reading it. In the back they put a "Best Of" CD with all their funny marriage moments that happened with their wives while they were on the air. Chris and I put it in when we go in the car and laughed all the way home.

During the commercial breaks they would come over and talk to us and let us take pictures. Everyone we came into contact with was super sweet and made us feel like part of the Rick and Bubba family.

I had so much fun and I know it is something I definitely want to do again. Jennifer and Jeff, thank you again for asking us. We had a blast!!!

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