Thursday, October 15, 2009

Stop, Drop, And Roll!!!

STOP, DROP, & ROLL!! That's what Em learned yesterday at her school's annual trip to the local fire station. The kids loved it!!!

I think Emily's favorite part was riding in the school van. I always ask her if she wants to ride with me or on the van. Of course, she always says the van, so I dropped her off at school and met her at the fire station.

Here they are watching a video about fire safety. Henley, Claire, and Emily.

This year Gracie got to go. I was a little nervous about taking her because she has finally gotten walking down pat, so she loves being on the move. She didn't much like staying in her stroller so I tried to hold her as much as I could....which was not much. While the group was watching the video, Gracie and I took a stroll down the hall of the fire station. The firemen were so sweet. They gave her a stuffed animal for her to play with.

After the video, we got to see the famous fireman's pole. This is Emily being a good sport and showing the kids how it worked. My friend Ashely introduced me to Emily and she is super sweet and super cute! I wish I would have gotten a better picture of her. She has the cutest hair cut. Gracie just loved her! Every time she walked by Gracie, she would just reach her arms out to her. She held her several times for me.

Gracie and Emily

This is my friend Aimee. Henley, who is in Emily's class, is her daughter. Aimee started working with the three year olds this year. These are a few girls from her class.

Allie Kate enjoyed the fire station too!!
We had a great time!! Can't wait to go to the Pumpkin Patch soon!!!

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