Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Little Behind!!!

Man, this week has been crazy busy!!!! Monday, Emily wasn't feeling well, so we headed to the dr. Tuesday, I had a hair and dr's appointment. And Wednesday, Emily had her first dentist appointment and we had church. Can you say busy!!! How do moms that work get all this stuff done!!! My hats off to you!!! You have a much harder job!!!

Because of all the "going here, there and everywhere", I have just now been able to post pictures of this weekend. To be honest I forgot they were even on my camera!!!

Saturday, Gracie and I got up and went shopping!! Em stayed with her Daddy and it made for a much quicker trip. Em loves the mall and I love taking her, but if you want to run in and really look you can't because Em wants to ride the carousel, get a cookie, and throw money in the fountain. I was in need of some clothes!! I found a few things and then we ran by Martins to see what they had.
When we got home, I laid Gracie down for a nap and I took one too!!! While I was sleeping my mom came and got Emily and took her to her other favorite store, Hobby Lobby!!!
My mom brought her sewing machine and worked on some pants for Emily and mended a pair of Chris' jeans. As you can see, the girls love it for mother to come, so she didn't get much sewing done until they went to bed!

Sunday, my friend Ashley invited us to go see the Wizard of Oz at the Pittman Theater. Of course Emily had to wear her Dorthy dress! I must warn you, I don't think I took one good picture all day!! The theater was so dark and we were all crammed in tight! But hey, what can you do!! We made a memories anyway!

Em and Claire

It was a pretty good play. The four main characters were wonderful!!! And the Good Witch sounded just like the witch from the movie. And lets not forget the Wicked Witch!! She was really good too!! But I have to be honest, I was really glad when it was over. Emily sat in my lap the whole 3 hours and my backside was so numb!!!! A fun time was had by all!!!
Taylor, Emily and Claire. I love Taylor and Claire's outfits!!! Just Ducky Originals....check it out!!!
Check back later. I will be posting pictures of Emily's dentist appointment soon.

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