Friday, October 2, 2009

Falling for Fall!!!

The weather here is beautiful!!! I guess the old saying is true..."In life a little ran must fall" which is exactly what it has done here for nearly three weeks. But this week has totally made up for all the rain!!!! There is a nip in the air and I just love it!!!

My friend Ashley called me last Monday and said "Hey, lets take the girls to the Falls (Noccalula Falls). I was game because we had been in the house forever, so on Tuesday were got up and got moving.

When you went into the park, they had a beautiful fall display set up. Good photo opportunity.

This one too!!! I always call Emily "chicken"...not in a mean way or anything, just "chicken". So I thought this would be a cute picture.

Em and Claire

Gracie lovin' the swing at the park.

Claire and her little sister Alli Kate.

The girls had a great time and it was wonderful being out of the house enjoying the beautiful weather. I hope you all have a great weekend!!! I know I will!!!

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