Saturday, February 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Robin

Not sure what y'all did today, but I can tell you that we partied like crazy! As crazy as you can get for a 6 year old's birthday! My niece Robin turns 6 (I can't believe it...I just can't believe that she is 6 already) on Tuesday so we celebrated today. There was a huge absence felt at the party, mostly by me, because Emily didn't get to go. She hasn't felt well for the past couple of days, but you could tell it was nothing serious. But yesterday afternoon she began to cough and cough, and let me tell you, she coughed until I thought surely she can't cough anymore! Guess what...she did! She coughed just about all night! Even with the cough medicine I gave her, she still wouldn't stop, so first thing this morning Chris took her to the doctor. This was Chris' first visit to the doctor with one of our girls, and I must say I'm a little envious that Chris missed out on all the fit pitching and snot slinging Emily use to do at the doctor. Now, she's just a little adult, or as she would put it....brave. All kidding aside, I'm very glad she doesn't mind going to the doctor now. Better late than never! Whatever the doc gave her worked because finally at 5 o'clock today she stopped coughing. Can I get an Amen!

Back to the party. Although Emily wasn't there, we had a great time. It's sweet to see Robin with her "school" friends. She has always been "personality plus" and you can tell because all the kids love being around her. Grace had a great time too!!! As you can see form the pictures, she thinks she's as big as everyone else!

Gracie and Uncle Jeff having fun.

They play this music and have this group dance in the middle of the floor. Apparently it's a popular song because all the kids knew it! Robin sure did..she was breakin' it down!

And so was Gracie! Chris thinks that our children get their rhythm form him. Let's hope not!

Robin, I hope you had a great birthday party. We sure had fun! You do "6" better than anyone I know!

Well it's 9:30 on a Saturday night and you know what my house smells like? A fresh pot of coffee. You want to know why that is? Because I'm a big dork!!! Every night I get the coffee pot ready for the next morning and tonight I plugged it in and turned it on. Oh well. I guess I better go try it again.
Good night all!

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