Friday, February 26, 2010

Hey y'all! I hope the past couple of days have been good to ya!!! I want to thank all of you who took time to say a prayer for our family. My dad had surgery on Wednesday and he came through it wonderfully and we also have a new addition to our family!! My cousins, Jenny and Michael, had their baby, Kate, and all went just as we prayed it would. Thank you again for thinking of us.

While Jenny and Michael were at the hospital having Kate, their oldest daughter, Ava Caroline, came to stay with us. We had such a good time having her visit.

In honor of Baby Kate, Chris read the girls a book about sisters before bedtime. We read these books to Emily every night before Gracie came and she loved them!

Thursday, I took the girls to the bouncy place down the road form our house for a couple hours of fun. I think we may have Emily's birthday there, if she doesn't change her mind.

Please excuse every one's hair, those bouncy things can reek havoc on a girl's hair!!!!

Getting a picture with everyone looking the same direction.....YEAH RIGHT!!!!

When we got home, I put Gracie down for a nap, and attempted to get the big girls to nap. That didn't work out too well, so they got up and played dress up.

By the time supper got here and we had bath time, everyone was worn down to a frazzle!!!! Bed time didn't go quite as smooth as it did the first night, but we recovered nicely!

Today, we got up and took Em to school and then came home for a little craft time. Still no nap! I do believe everyone was running on fumes!

My Aunt Carol made this shirt for Ava to wear to the hospital to meet her baby sister. I know Ava doesn't look too fired up, but she was just wore slap out!!!! And she didn't want to leave. That makes me feel so good because all the stuff we did was really nothing fabulous...just what we do everyday. I'm so glad she enjoyed herself because we sure enjoyed having her. Now we can't wait to meet Kate!!

I'm so ready for bedtime!!!! See you later y'all!!!!

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