Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Lunch with Emily

Last Thursday, we had Thanksgiving lunch at school with Emily.  I was so glad that Chris was able to go and I know Emily was too!!! 

Thanks Gran for the cute turkey shirts.  We love them!!! 

To say that it was organized chaos is a total understatement!!!  But it was still fun being able to share this time with Em!

Gracie was so fussy and I couldn't understand why.  Then it hit me!  I only purchased 2 plates, thinking that she would eat off one of our plates.  She was upset because she didn't have her own plate!!!  When Emily finished and started socializing, she finished her food and was much happier!!  That girl (Gracie) is a mess!

Emily and Brinley

We walked Em back to her classroom and said goodbye.  I love her so, and I'm so glad we could spend this special time with her!

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