Monday, November 1, 2010

Special Snack

 You will be so sick of Halloween pictures before this is over!  I have a ton!!!   So we might as well start with Friday. 

Instead of a party, Emily's class had a "special snack".  They are only allowed 2 parties a year, so this snack was very low key.  I helped the room mom, Jennifer, pass out all the snacks to the kids.  I love the fact that Gracie just fits into wherever she's at.  Not to say that she wasn't a little "all-over-the-place", but she was so sweet and the other kids just loved her.

Gracie sat in every one's lap!!!  Kids were saying, "Come sit with me Gracie".  I was very proud of Emily because she wasn't a bit jealous.  When we got there, the kids were making candy necklaces and using the pieces to do a math assignment.  It was funny, because Gracie started eating the candy at Emily's table.  Before long, we started passing out food and all the kids brought Gracie their candy. Mrs. M even asked about a candy necklace that was left on a table and Gracie said, "It's mine!" That brought a laugh from everyone!

My hats off to Mrs. M.  Her kids love her and she does a great job managing her classroom.  Even on a crazy day like "special snack", the kids were really good. 

I love sharing these moments with my kids!!!  I can't wait for more!!!

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