Thursday, August 20, 2009

First Day of School

This week Emily started her first day of school. She is just in Pre-K, which as most of you know is just a hop, skip and a jump away from BIG school. It's a whole year away, but I'm already dreading it!! Emily was so excited to go back this year! Of course we had to have a shirt painted for the occasion!! Thanks Grandmother!

I walked Emily in and at first she was hesitant, but she warmed up super fast once she saw her friends. Okay, I know people will have something to say about me putting Gracie on the floor, but she weights 25lbs!!!! And it's hard to hold her and take a picture!! She looks pretty happy though. A little dirt won't hurt!!

All smiles!!!

After I dropped Emily off, I met my friend Ashley at the walk track. Let me tell you, if I keep walking with Ashley, I'll be skinny for sure!!! She can burn up a track!! I kept up, but I was about dead!!

Gracie and Allie Kate ready for the walk!!!

Yesterday, I found this TuTu for Emily at TJMaxx. I just love it!! She did too and even wore it to WalMart. Everyone kept asking her if she was going to dance class. No, just felt like being super cute today!!

I know I take a ton of pictures of Gracie's hair when she wakes up, but today I just had to laugh!!! It looks like it had been rolled on hot rollers.

Have a great night!!! Later all!

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  1. Hey, God made Dirt, so alittle dirt won't hurt! Thats my theory anyway =)