Monday, August 17, 2009

Weekend Recap

Friday-Friends and Food

I Heart Girl's Night!!!! Friday night Maggie and I went to our usual hangout, Jeffersons!! I love my girls, but I do look forward to having just a few hours to myself with a good friend and good conversation. We always have a lot to talk about. My friend Jamee called and she was in town having a birthday dinner for her dad, so on my way home I ran by to see them. Jamee is a wonderful cook and she made a beautiful, three layer, red velvet cake for her dad. Of course I had to have a piece. I did all that and was home by 8:30!!! I would have pictures of all this, but I had a wedding the next day and I wore the same shirt!! I have got to go shopping soon!!

Saturday-Brett's Wedding

It's weird that as you get older, you expect other people to stay the same, you know...just stay the age of 12 forever. I had that experience Saturday. I've known Brett for way to many years to count, and since I've gotten married and moved away, in my mind Brett should still be a little kid. I have seen him many times since I've gotten married, but I just can't believe that now he's a grown man, getting married.

The wedding was at 3 p.m. so you think I would have had plenty of time to get everyone ready. Emily didn't want to wear the dress I had picked for her. She is 4!!! It's way to early for her to have an opinion on what she wears!!! And that day, she wore the dress I picked!!! Gracie kept pulling her bow out, which drives me insane!!! Now her hair is long enough to get in her eyes, so she needs that bow!! As you can tell by the picture below, she was not all too happy with me for telling her she had to keep it in!!

Have you ever driven by a building for years and years and wonder what it looks like inside? Brett and Lori had the ceremony in a church that I have driven by for half my life, but never had the opportunity to see what it looked like on the inside!! It was beautiful!!! Tall ceilings, stained glass...the whole 9 yards!!! The picture I took doesn't even do it justice!!

Brett and Lori!!! Don't they make a beautiful and happy couple?

The reception was as pretty as the ceremony! They had great food!!

This was Em's favorite!! They had a candy bar. You could fill little bags with all the candy you wanted. Emily ate most of hers before we got in the car.

The best part about going home to visit, is that I get to see old friends. This is Bobby and he was the director of the church drama team that I was a part of for many years!!! Chris and I miss he and family so much and always say that we are going to get together....but you know how life is.

This is Michael and Fran. Michael and I were just little when we started going to church together!! He and Fran are so sweet and Michael can always make me laugh!! Fran said she loves reading my blog, which made me very happy! I always think that I'm the only one that reads it! Keep reading Fran!!

Emmy loved the wedding cake!!!

My beautiful mother and her friend Carolyn(left).

A friend of my mother had some toys at his daughter had grown out of, so he gave them us. Emily just loved the vanity!! There were lots of books too!! Thanks Dean!

Monday, Emily started Pre-K!! Man the summer went by so fast!! Sunday we made chocolate chip cookies for her to take to school on her first day, but as usual, Emily like to eat the dough better than the cookies.
I hope you all had a great weekend!!! Later all!!!

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