Friday, August 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Gracie!!!!

Today is your First Birthday Gracie!!! Man, how the last year has flown!!! I woke you up this morning singing Happy Birthday!! We got up and got your hair just like you like it and had to take a picture!!

Oh baby girl, look how far you've come!!! This was you in the hospital!!! After holding your big sister, I forgot how little babies were!!! I held you all the time...much to your daddy's dismay!!! I was so worried that I would miss a minute that I just carried you everywhere. I figured you would get tired of it, but no, you loved it. Even now, you would rather me carry you, but man you are such a big girl!!!

Lets just see much you have learned in 12 short months!!!

  • You are jabbering all the time!! You can say Momma, Dadda, Gran, G-daddy (sorry Pop, I'm working on it) bye, one, thank you (kinda sorta), dog, hello. Just the other day you said Maggie and something that kind of sounded like Sophie Clare.
  • You eat anything and everything. Mashed potatoes are the only thing that I have found your not too crazy about. No more formula (the pocket book is saying AMEN to that one)!
  • The last time I weighted you, you weighted 25lbs. When you become Miss Alabama no one will care about that!!
  • You can walk around the table or holding your walking toy, but you're still not sure about letting go. That's Okay because I know you can do it and one day you'll just take off.
  • You are absolutely into everything. And have probably set a world record in how fast you can make a mess.
  • You are above all else the light of our life!!! A blessing everyday you have been here!!!

I hope you had a good day!! I love you so very much, little one!!!

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