Wednesday, August 26, 2009


This week has been very busy. This is Emily's second week of school and I'm still not use to it. Although, she has been a joy to get ready in the morning. No really, she has!! She wakes up without a fuss and is ready for school! That makes everything a whole lot easier. (I must confess it's just three days a week for three hours, but we call it school) She is so much better than last year. Next year will be the real test because she will be at school a much longer length of time. Nic, I think of you every time we head out the door, and I'm hoping you and your son are having a good morning!!!

It seems like there is always somewhere to go, but there is always time for PLAY at our house. Monday morning, we made a little rain.

Then Monday afternoon, I had to go pick up Gracie's highchair from the upholstery shop so we stopped by Gran and G-daddy's to play with their toys for a little bit. They weren't home, but we had fun anyway!! I'm thinking I may have to talk to Santa about a Barbie Jeep for our house.

Sisters make the best friends!!

Later all!!! Have a great day!!!

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  1. Our kids love those battery opertaed cars too. I went ti Toys R us and they were so expensive. Plus I am not sure where I would put it.

    Since I have a boy and a girl I can't get a pretty pink one :(