Saturday, September 26, 2009

Claire's 4th Birthday

This past Sunday(Sept. 20th....yes, I'm a lot behind) Emily was invited to her friend Claire's 4th Birthday party. Ashley, Claire's mother, did a wonderful job planning and all the kids had a great time.

It had rained so much that Ashley had to move the party to her church's gym. It worked out great! There was just something for everyone to do!!

Em loves a good bouncy! Her face was so red!!!!

Clair and her daddy, Chad, blowing out the candles!!

Emily just had to sit by Claire!!!

This pinata cracked me up!! I didn't think that Em would even try to take a swing at it, but she was game!!! She rared back and knocked the fire out of it and everyone went "OOOOHHHHHH". It was so funny and I just died laughing. She didn't bust it but she made an awesome crack at it!!!


A fun time was had by all!!! Thanks Ashley for inviting us!! And Claire, I'm glad you had a Happy Birthday!!

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