Saturday, September 26, 2009

Hearty Appetite!!!

My little Gracie is just the best eater!!! I know I've bragged on that before, but I'm telling you there is not much this kid won't eat!!! I take this as a total blessing because she has a 4 year old sister that has to be begged and pleaded with to eat! Gracie's appetite may not last forever, so I'm going to revel in it as long as I can!!

The other night I gave her this corn-on-the-cob and she loved it! I tried to hold it the "right" way so she could get the best bites, but she would have none of it. So, she ate it the Gracie way!!!

I know she's mine, but isn't she so cute!!! Sorry, just had to brag a bit!!!

I'm having to catch on my posts all in one day, so stay tuned!!


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  2. Ha, cute!
    I love giving corn on the cob to the kids when we are at a restaurants bc they sit their quietly and gnaw on cob.