Thursday, September 3, 2009

Doctor, Doctor Give Me The News!!!

Wednesday, Gracie had her 1 year check up!! We were a little bummed because we always look forward to seeing Dr. Rutland and Joan. Our thoughts and prayers are with he and his family due to the heart attack he had last Thursday. We are hoping he gets to feeling better soon.

Due to Dr. R's absence, I wasn't sure who our doctor would be that day. I'm a little picky when it comes to doctors because I want one that I can feel comfortable talking to, and to be honest, some are just not easy to converse with!!! But no need for worries because we saw Dr. Dennis. This was my first time to meet him and I liked him a lot. All the news was good news. Gracie weights 23lbs 14oz, and is 29 3/4 inches long. She is meeting all her milestones on time ,and what else can I say, everything is just great. I was worried because she has been having a "poop" problem, but the doctor felt it was because we had switched her form lactose free formula to milk FULL of lactose!!! DUH!!! I didn't even think about that!!! But her little "problem" seems to have, all of a sudden, worked itself out!! No pun intended!!!

My sister-in-law, Maggie, always takes pictures of her daughter Sophie Clare when she goes for her check ups, so I thought I would do the same! I hate I missed a whole year of doing that, but oh well, nothing I can do about it now.

We had to wait a little bit but Gracie was in good first!!!

The first thing they tell you to do is strip them down. Gracie looked pretty happy about it!!

Boy how she filled up the scales!!! Like I said, she weighed 23lb 14oz. She liked being weighted so much that when I went to get her, she shook her head "no"!! I think she could have sat there all day because everyone was making over her and telling her how cute she is!!! She eats it up!!

Here's where the trouble began. They had to prick her finger. She wasn't crazy about that so she did cry a little. The problem came when the nurse put the band aide on her finger. She hated it!! She cried and bit her finger until I finally took it off!! Glad she clots fast! Ha Ha!!

I just wanted to show Em off. I thought she looked super cute yesterday....but seriously she looks super cute everyday to me!!! She told her teacher Mrs. Jennifer that her Grandma has a poodle that doesn't like boys and will bite them!! (Neither of her grandparents has a poodle) Where she get this stuff I have no idea, but it makes me laugh!!
We're ready for the weekend and some football!!! Hope y'all have a great day!!


  1. Gracie is a doll. I'm thinking my little boy will weigh a good amount at his one year. He was 18 lbs last month at his 6 month. Gracie's hair is beautiful. I like the little flip. Wish my daughter would have let me put bows in her hair.
    Funny about the poodles :o)

  2. Oh my lands...the blog world is so very small. I, too participated in Boomama's Diptacular, and decided to click on a few to see some new recipes.

    And lo and behold, I see this post below yours speaking of Dr. Rutland, and nurse Joan! Our family lived in Gadsden for about 7 years, only a few blocks from their office. In fact, on several occasions I even strolled my babies to the clinic for their check-ups!

    I LOVED Dr. R and nurse Joan so much. She always took such good care of all of us! And I am so sorry to have learned of his heart attack!

    Thanks for the little trip down memory lane! Happy Dipping!

  3. She is PRECIOUS! I love me a fat baby....

    Thanks so much for your prayers for my Daddy, we just can't tell you how much all the loving support means to us. He is doing amazingly well, and we feel so blessed to have him still with us on Earth. Thank you.