Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Much Ado About Nothing!!!

Okay, I know I have not posted anything in a week, and I have caught a lot of flack form some family members because of it. I've gotten the usual, "You need to change the name of your blog from Daily News to Not So Daily News". Thanks again brother-in-law!! That never gets old....right up there with "I told Jesus You said Hey"!!! Sorry if none of this makes since but it's all an ongoing inside joke between family.

I haven't posted because to be honest, not a lot has been going on. Hence the title "Much Ado About Nothing". I'm glad life has slowed down a bit, but it makes my "bloggablity" factor go WAY down.

I do have a running theme with these next several pictures. Emily is all about dressing up and putting on makeup and now she has an opinion about how her hair is fixed. Really, she has always had an opinion about her hair, but I guess the thing is now that she wants to do it herself. I remember my mother rolling my hair on rollers when I was little. I have wanted to do the same with Em's hair, but I wasn't sure how much she would enjoy having her hair rolled. I didn't think she would sleep in sponge rollers so I bought some hot rollers.

She did pretty well, but was worried that she was going to get burned. But the rollers didn't even work!! Her hair was just as straight after as it was before. I may have tried to put to much hair onto the rollers, but still we were not a fan of the hot rollers.

Emily really likes to over accessorise when it come to hair clips. I try to tell her that the same rule applies with hair clips as does with makeup....less is more, but she didn't really care what I had to say!!! Years from now when she looks at this picture, I think she will get the point I'm was trying to make!! HA HA!!

But really, when it comes right down to it, you just can't mess with perfection!!! This coming form a mother who thinks she has the greatest kids in the whole world!!! But I am a little bias.

Have a great day y'all!!!

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