Thursday, March 11, 2010

Avery's Birthday

Emily and I have totally been hitting the "party scene" lately! The Birthday Party scene that is. It seems like we have had one to go to every weekend and we want to thank all those who have been thinking of Emily. She loves getting that invites in the mail.

Last weekend we had a break form the bouncy places when we were invited to Avery's party. Avery is the daughter of two of my college buddies, Jennifer and Jeff. Jennifer had it at Tootie Lou's. They let the girls play dress up and then they do their makeup and nails. That was right up Emily's ally!!!! Although she was a little shy at first, she was soon in the mix. She told me while they were doing her nails, "I love Avery's party". I wish so bad that they had a place in our town to do something like that. If so, Emily's party would be totally girlie! Well, we dare to dream! Maybe one will come along before June. If not, it's the ole bouncy place for us.

I can't believe Avery is 5! It seems just like yesterday she was a newborn that was screaming in my living room (And boy, that girl could cry louder than any baby I've ever seen)

Jennifer made this cake!! I's ridiculous right! I gave her a hard time and asked her why she couldn't be normal and order a cake like everyone else does. HA HA! They are going to Disney World soon so she made the cake to look like Cinderella's Castle. It wasn't just pretty to look at, it tasted wonderful too! She is just the best cook. If I ever get rich, I'm going to hire her to do all my cooking.

Sydney use to be our neighbor and I hate that we moved before she and Emily could play together. They would have had so much fun playing in the neighborhood.

Emily about to make lip gloss.

Emily getting her makeup done.

Emily and Avery getting their nails done.

After everyone was ready, the girls lined up to do a fashion show. They asked Emily what her favorite food was and she said oatmeal. That just cracked me up! She changed her mind at the last minute and decided she didn't want to do the fashion show. That's okay. We enjoyed watching everyone else.

We had the best time and hope to go back there soon!

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  1. Hey girl, LOVE your blog! It's so cute! I just kind of stumbled upon it today and I'm glad I did : )

    Have a great weekend!