Monday, March 22, 2010

Got the Monday Blues

Why so blue? Well...#1 I'm freezing to death!!! I'm telling ya, it's cold around here. And if your cold, you turn blue right? The second reason is because of this wonderful historic health care bill our lovely government has passed for us (what is lost in translation is the sarcastic tone in which I type this. Not happy at all about it, but more of that on another day). Other than that, we had a pretty good day around here.

I started off the day by rearranging Emily's room. I'm always worried when I do things like that because she is such a creature of habit and you really never know if she'll be happy with the change. No need to worry though. She was all smiles when she saw it.

I didn't go weigh in tonight (which makes me sound like the Heavy Weight Champion of the know like in boxing). I have decided to go to a daytime meeting. I think it will probably work out better for me, and actually us. The kids are ready for supper around that time and Chris is usually just coming in the door as I have to leave, so I think daytime will work much better. I almost slipped up though. I thought the first morning meeting was on Tuesday mornings. Well, something told me I better check the time and I'm sure glad I did! The morning meetings are actually Thursday! I would not have been happy sitting in the parking lot with two kids wondering when they were going to start the meeting. Plus, if I weigh in the late afternoon, I feel like I can't eat anything all day. And that's not good at all! So I'll let you know Thursday if I've lost anything. I will pat myself on the back...I'm up to 45 minutes on the elliptical machine. Yea for me!

Tonight we moved Gracie to the big table with the rest of the family. It was so nice to have the whole family in such a nice tight circle around the dinner table. We already hear some wonderful stories from Emily and I can't wait to hear some from Gracie. She does give it her best effort though. She just jabbers and jabbers, and when you say "really", she says "yeah". It's so funny!

After we finished supper, Chris kept the girls busy while I cleaned the kitchen. As you can see, he was lovin' every minute of it!!

I hope you didn't have the Monday blues! If so, hold that head high and .."Snap out of it"!

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  1. Love the pic of daddy with the bows!!! We have a pic of my hubby with makeup on!!!